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After the attack on the United States on September 11th, many of us want to do what we can to make the world a better place so that such events do not happen again. We also want to help the families of those affected and, especially, the families of the many heroes who gave their lives to help others.

Below are some ways teens can help the families affected by the September 11th disaster and beyond.

  1. How Teens Can Contribute (Youth Service America)
      Suggests projects for children and teens to contribute during periods of disaster, including the September 11th tragedy.

  2. How Kids and Teens Can Contribute (Red Cross)
      Suggests specific activities for children and teens to contribute to families affected by the September 11th tragedy.

  3. Request from President Bush (Awesome Library)
      Children and teens can overcome fears about the future by doing something positive. President Bush has made a specific request of our children. He believes that children can help other children and also sow the seeds for peace. Teens can help children create some of these projects.

  4. How Kids and Teens Can Volunteer to the Red Cross (Red Cross)
      Describes the Red Cross volunteer program for youth under the age of 24.

  5. How Youth Can Contribute (Constitutional Rights Foundation)
      Provides activities for youth to contribute to those who have helped with the September 11th disaster or who have been overlooked. Examples of people who may have not received much assistance include people who were displaced from their homes and have had little or no time to return for their belongings, people working at airports and airlines who have suffered emotionally or have lost jobs, and people who live alone and have no one to talk to about what happened.

  6. World Response to American Crisis (CNN)
      Shows that leaders of almost all nations, even traditional adversaries of the USA, such as Cuba and Libya, support the USA in its time of grief. In the face of such pain, the world has become one home for us all.

May we find a way to honor each of our heroes, 
firefighters, police, rescue, and emergency crews.  May it be our honor to care
    for the many in great need.

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