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  1. -IRS Forms and Publications for Business Filers 1-04
  2. -IRS Forms and Publications for Individual Filers 1-04
  3. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) 09-09
  4. Tax Return Completion Tools (Quicken)
      Provides online assistance in completing your tax returns. 1-01

  5. Tax Tools (
      Provides free online tools to assist with filing or estimating taxes. 2-02

  1. Federal Taxes - Online Filing (IRS)
      Provides instructions and the forms to file taxes online. 4-05

  2. Filing Late (IRS)
      Provides answers to questions about filing late. A 4868 form is needed for filing an extension with the IRS to delay filing your income taxes. 4-05

  3. National Sales Tax Promoted (Fox News)
      "The IRS and all payroll taxes should be scrapped and replaced with a national sales tax (search) that would require the poor to pay nothing, some tax reform advocates are proposing as an ideal plan to rejigger the U.S. tax code." 10-04

  4. Seven Common Mistakes on Taxes (MSN MoneyCentral)
      Provides common mistakes and recommendations. 02-06

  5. State Taxes - Tax Forms by State (
      Provides state tax forms. 4-05

  6. Tax Cuts and Social Security (Center on Budget and Planning Priorities - Kogan, Greenstein, and OrszagKogan)
      Concludes that "the 75-year cost of the tax cut Is more than twice as large as the long-term deficit in social security." 2-02

  7. Tax Deductions Finder (Quicken)
      Provides a questionnaire that helps you to determine your deductions. 1-01

  8. Tax Tips and Information (
      Provides information to assist with filing or estimating taxes. 2-02

Purchase Resources
  1. Tax Services (H&R Block)
      Provides online tax services. 10-04

  2. Tax Software ( - Turbotax)
      Provides software to complete your taxes and file online. 2-02


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