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  1. Open Air Markets
      Provides a guide to markets and vendors. 10-09

  1. Coupons for Discounts (Awesome Library)
      Provides coupons for discounts in thousands of retail stores. Also includes a coupon for a free 8x10 JCPenney portrait, including a free sitting, for Awesome Library visitors. 06-06

  1. Remove Your Name from Phone Advertising Lists (
      Provides you with information to remove your name from phone solicitations. 7-03

  2. Solicitations - How to Remove Your Name from Phone and Mail Advertising Lists (
      Provides you with information to remove your name from mail and phone solicitations. Explains the limitations and conditions of removal. Other junk mail may also be reduced. 02-07

Purchase Resources
  1. Spamming - Assistance With Removing Your Name from Spammers (
      Puts your name on the membership list for about $10 per year. "Remove.Org actively pursues irresponsible marketers who continue to send solicitations or adult related material to our members. We work with State Attorney Generals, Better Business Bureaus, the United States Post Office, the Federal Trade Commission, Telephone and Communications Companies, Internet Service Providers, and Law Enforcement Agencies. Marketers who do not follow state and federal laws are subject to penalties, fines, and are often times shut down." 6-03


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