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Classroom Management

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  2. Conflict Prevention and Mediation
  1. Bullying (Awesome Library)
  2. Classroom Management Resources (Education World)
      Provides 95 resources. 3-02

  3. Classroom Management Tips (TeachNet)
      Includes room decor, classroom management, classroom public relations, and much more.

  1. Quizzes Based on McREL Standards (
      Provides quizzes.

  2. Sharing Information with Parents and Students (ThinkWave)
      Provides free software for teaches, students, and parents to share classroom information, such as grades and lesson plans. 1-00

  1. Active Listening (Mining Co. - Walker)
      Provides nine papers on improving listening skills.

  2. Anger Management (Safe and Responsive Schools - Skiba and McKelvey)
      Provides suggestions for anger management. 10-02

  3. Brain-Compatible Learning Environments (Artful Minds - Brain Bootcamp)
      Provides results from brain research as applied to a classroom setting for improving learning.

  4. Classroom Discipline ( - Kelly) New March
      Provides over three dozen papers related to improving classroom discipline.

  5. Classroom Management Resources (The Teacher's Guide)
      Provides over a dozen resources for classroom management and discipline. 3-02

  6. Council of Educators for Students With Disabilities (CESD)
      Provides articles and announcements of events related to teachers and school administrators of students qualifying under IDEA or Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Formerly TACHO. 6-99

  7. Fighting and Biting (American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry)
      Provides basic suggestions.

  8. Plagiarism Prevention (Indiana University - Writing Tutorial Services)
      Provides a tutorial on how to avoid plagairism. Visitors sometimes misspell as plaigerism, plaigarism, plagiarizm, plagerism, plagiarised, plagarized, plagerized, plagerised, or plagarised. Awesome Library does not recommend the services, but provides them as examples. 4-00

  9. Rubrics for Essays and Other Rubrics ( - Kelly)
      Provides a variety of tools and articles to help develop rubrics to assess essays and other work of students. 3-01

  10. Writing Lesson Plans (Adprima - Kizlik)
      Provides recommendations on writing lessons plans, including mistakes to avoid.

  1. Ideas for the Classroom (
      Provides dozens of activities for grades K-6. 2-02

  2. Rubrics for Classroom Management and Academic Skills (Teach-nology)
      Provides over two dozen rubrics. 11-01

Purchase Resources
  1. Plagiarism Prevention (
      Provides an analysis of research papers and essays to determine if the student copied part or all of it from an existing Web resource. Visitors sometimes misspell as plaigerism, plaigarism, or plagerism. Awesome Library does not recommend the services, but provides them as examples. 4-00

  1. Discipline in the Classroom - Conclusions from Research (Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory - Cotton) star
      Summarizes findings from research on the most effective methods of schoolwide and classroom discipline and management. "During most of its twenty-two year existence, the Annual Gallup Poll of the Public's Attitudes Toward the Public Schools has identified 'lack of discipline' as the most serious problem facing the nation's educational system." 3-02


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