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Voucher Systems

  1. Voucher Systems - Supreme Court Decision (Christian Science Monitor - Richey)
      Discusses arguments for and against vouchers regarding separation of church and state and the Supreme Court case of Zelman v. Simmons-Harris. 2-02

  1. Voucher Systems - A Study For (Washington Times- - Billups)
      Provides arguments for voucher systems using the Florida experience as an example. vouchers 1-02

  2. Voucher Systems - Against (American Federation of Teachers)
      Provides analysis and research on voucher systems. The American Federation of Teachers is against vouchers as a central method of improving education. vouchers1-02

  3. Voucher Systems - Against (U.S. Department of Education - Riley)
      Provides arguments against voucher systems. vouchers 1-02

  4. Voucher Systems - For (Cato Institute - Friedman)
      Provides arguments for voucher systems. Milton Friedman, the author, is a senior research fellow at the Hoover Institution and won the Nobel Prize for Economics in 1976. vouchers 1-02

  5. Voucher Systems - For (Center for Education Reform)
      Provides a fact sheet arguing that voucher systems do not need to take funds from public schools. vouchers 1-02

  6. Voucher Systems - For (Center for Education Reform)
      Provides six fact sheets with arguments and research supporting voucher systems. vouchers 1-02

  7. Voucher Systems - For and Against (
      Provides pro and con arguments on voucher systems. Uses PDF format. vouchers 1-02

  8. Voucher Systems - Local or Federal Control (PBS - Online NewsHour)
      Provides arguments for and against voucher systems with local control. vouchers 1-02

  9. Voucher Systems - Research Results (
      Provides results from research on the effects and impacts of voucher systems. Uses PDF format. vouchers 1-02

  10. Voucher Systems - Vermont Example (Cato Institute - Sternberg)
      Provides arguments for voucher systems through the Vermont example. Uses PDF format. vouchers 1-02


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