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  1. Aligning Systems
  1. Collaboratives - Establishing Collaboratives and Partnerships (NCREL - Pathways)
      Discusses critical issues and suggests solutions. 8-02

  2. Collaboratives - Models (NCREL - Pathways)
      Discusses critical issues and suggests solutions. 8-02

  3. Collaboratives Model - Family Resource and Youth Service Centers (NCREL)
      "One school-based health and social service model has been implemented throughout Kentucky. These 'youth service centers' are located in schools serving a large proportion of lower-income families. Family Resource and Youth Service Centers provide health services and referrals, some mental health counseling, clothing, vision services, parenting classes, recreational activities, and mentoring. Though some of the Centers' services focus primarily on elementary-age students and their families, others serve adolescents and their families. A minority of the Centers serve children of all ages." 8-02

  4. Collaboratives Model - New Beginnings Center (NCREL)
      "After two years of preparatory work, they opened the New Beginnings Center for Children and Families in three portable classrooms on the edge of the concrete playground at Hamilton Elementary School in inner-city San Diego. The center is home to representatives from a score of agencies. The representatives are expected to leave behind their parochial origins and become family service advocates, brokering public services to meet the full range of a family's needs. They also provide some direct services, such as immunizations, school registration, and counseling." 8-02


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