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Charter Schools

  1. Search Engine for Charter Schools (U.S. Charter Schools)
      Searches for documents from charter schools and organizations working with charter schools. 5-00

  1. Charter Schools (WestEd)
      Provides information on starting and running a charter school. 5-00

  2. Charter Schools (WestEd, US Dept. of Education, California State University)
  3. Laws By State (Center for Education Reform)
      Provides a state by state summary of provisions, including a grade for the strength of the state's law for charter schools. 5-00

  4. Startup Information (U.S. Charter Schools)
      Provides sample documents, such as personnel policy, school lease, articles of incorporation, by laws, accountability plan, agreement with a school district, operating budget, financial plan, and more. 3-04

  1. Charter Schools (NWREL)
      Provides national sources of information on charter schools. 8-00


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