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Child Abuse

Abductions and Missing Children
Child Abuse and the Church

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  1. Counselor's Office
  1. Child Abuse Prevention Network
      Provides a variety of sources of help, including Listervs for ongoing support.

  2. Child Care - Child Abuse Resources (Children's Institute International)
  3. Study on Abuse of Children (CNN News)
      "Among the report's recommendations: Laws should hold criminally responsible anyone who facilitates or hosts online child pornography content and communities." 03-14

  1. A Brief Therapy Heals Trauma in Children (New York Times)
      "In many cases, the trauma is unknown to parents and caregivers or never dealt with effectively. The consequences can be devastating for the children and families involved and for society at large. These children are at much greater risk of developing behavioral problems, failing at school, abusing drugs or alcohol and becoming violent themselves."

      "But there’s good news here: The report describes a remarkably effective brief intervention developed at the trauma center that, according to Steven R. Marans, professor of psychiatry at Yale and director of the center, greatly diminishes symptoms in traumatized children and those who care for them." 04-12

  2. Africa's Hunted Albino Children (CBS News)
      "Baraka has albinism, a condition that leaves the afflicted with little or no pigment in their skin or eyes. In some traditional communities of Tanzania and other countries in Africa, albinos, as they're often called, are thought to have magical properties, and their body parts can fetch thousands of dollars on the black market as ingredients in witch doctors' potions said to give the user wealth and good luck." 08-15

  3. Child Abuse - The Hidden Bruises(American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry)
      Provides basic suggestions.

  4. Child Abuse Changes Perceptions of Faces (Scientific American)
      Describes a study which showed that children who have been abused saw anger in faces more readily than children who had not been abused.

  5. Child Abuse Prevention (
      Provides facts to help prevent sex abuse of children. 8-03

  6. Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment (
      "Childhelp USA® is one of the largest and oldest national non-profits dedicated to the treatment and prevention of child abuse and neglect." 7-03

  7. Child Abuse Prevention for Parents (
      Provides nine articles for parents to help prevent child abuse.7-03

  8. Facts for Families (American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry)
      Provides fact sheets for families needing assistance with common mental health problems affecting children and adolescents. Covers dozens of topics, such as TV viewing, substance abuse, day care, child abuse, schizophrenia and other issues of concern to partents. 10-09

  9. Girl Granted Divorce at Age 10 (
      "It was only once the courthouse emptied during the lunch recess that the judge noticed her and asked why she was there. 'I came for a divorce,' she told him. Horrified, he took her to his house to play with his 8-year-old daughter, and granted the divorce two days later."

      "Despite Yemen's laws against child marriage, about 52% of Yemen's girls marry before the age of 18, often as the second or third wives of far older men. Worldwide, child marriage has been slow to change, according to UNICEF's 'State of the World's Children' report released last month. About 49% of South Asian women in their early 20s were married before the age of 18, according to statistics gathered by UNICEF, which links early marriage to high rates of infant death and maternal mortality in very poor countries." 02-09

  10. Munchausen by Proxy--Women Falsely Accused (CBS News)
      Sir Roy Meadows is the leading expert in Munchausen by Proxy and has been directly responsible for hundreds of women losing custody of their children and even their freedom for child abuse that was not proven. It has been found that the testimony of Meadows, the cause of the convictions, was deeply flawed. He said that if a woman lost two children, it was likely that a criminal activity had occurred. With three deaths, he said it was a certainty. It is now known that this is false. However, specialists in sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) now say the opposite is true. "These cases in Britain are being watched closely here in the United States because hundreds of women have been prosecuted under Meadow's theory of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy."

      "As for Sir Roy Meadow, he's under investigation by Britain’s General Medical Counsel, which later this year is expected to decide whether he will be allowed to keep his medical license."

      "How could such a distinguished scientist make such errors? 'He’s an expert in child abuse, but he’s not an expert in sudden infant death syndrome,' says Morris. 'Sudden infant death syndrome is a very complicated area, and I think Professor Meadow made a mistake when he moves from his area of expertise, child abuse, into talking about sudden infant death syndrome.'

      "The British government is now looking at 250 criminal cases to see whether other mothers were wrongly convicted of murder."

      "And on top of that, the government is trying to figure out what to do about hundreds of other cases that were heard in family court -- in which children were taken away from their parents because of the Meadow's testimony." 4-04

  11. Safe Haven Law Missed the Mark (
      "Safe haven laws [in Nebraska] were instituted in the 1990s to deal with the problem of parents who were abandoning their babies and leaving them essentially for dead in dumpsters, alleyways, or restrooms. The laws were really designed as a mechanism for these overwhelmed new parents to get their kids to a safe place right after they were born. They were always designed for newborns and infants."

      "Our legislators, though, were uncomfortable trying to pick a specific age, so they decided to leave the term 'child' undefined. Unfortunately that had the unintended consequence of preteens and teenagers being left."

      Editor's Note: Age limits have now been set, eliminating preteens and teenagers from coverage. 11-08

  12. Statute of Limitations Prevents Prosecution of Judge on Child Abuse Charges (CNN News)
      "A district attorney in Texas said Thursday that the statute of limitations prohibits the filing of charges against a judge shown in a 2004 video repeatedly beating his then-teenage daughter." 11-11

  13. Teen Gets 10 Years in Prison on "Child Molestation" Charges (ABC News)
      "A wild New Year's Eve two years ago has landed a Georgia teen in prison for 10 years on charges of child molestation in a case that has state legislators reworking the strict law that put him behind bars." 7-03

  14. Violence Toward Children Can Be Stopped (ABC News)
      "Dr. Joan Kaufman, a researcher at Yale University School of Medicine, believes learned behavior is only one small factor in the cycle of violence. She is using brain imaging technology to study how child abuse actually changes the brain."

      "New research suggests that when a child is abused, the part of the brain called the amygdala becomes hypersensitive to stress, sending alarms to the pre-frontal cortex, which acts like a guard, ready to stop violent impulses. But constant abuse lowers that guard, making it much harder for a person to stay in control."

      " 'Little things that might make another person not think twice can really push another person, a person with a history of abuse, over the edge,' Kaufman said."

      "The science also shows that those brain changes can be overcome and even reversed with therapy, medication and the support of positive relationships." 08-05

  1. Background Check - Criminal History (
      Provides criminal record check. Awesome Library does not endorse this service but provides it as an example. 12-02


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