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Childhood Hunger

  1. Childhood Hunger Factsheet (Second Harvest)
  1. -Study: School Breakfast Makes a Difference (
      "Students who ate school breakfast attended an average of 1.5 more days of school than their meal-skipping peers, and their math scores averaged 17.5% higher. The report, which was funded in part by Kellogg's, went on to share that these students with increased attendance and scores were 20% more likely to continue on and graduate high school. High school graduates earn on average $10,090 more annually that their non-diploma-holding counterparts and are significantly less likely to experience hunger in adulthood." 08-13

  1. -Combating Childhood Hunger (Childhood Hunger Ends Here)
      "ConAgra Foods and P&G are working with Feeding America, the nation's largest domestic hunger-relief organization, to change that. Here's how you can help."

  2. Hunger Resources (
      Provides opportunities for schools to conduct online fund raising. Also supports other projects, such as combating world hunger. 10-00


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