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Child Heroes

  1. -06-30-09 Study: Cognitive Behavior Therapy Can Prevent Depression in Teens (U.S. News)
      "After six months, the teens who had been in the therapy groups were less likely to have become depressed (21.4 percent vs. 32.7 percent). The therapy was most effective in preventing depression in children whose parent wasn’t depressed at the time (11.7 percent vs. 40.5 percent); its benefit disappeared if a parent of the child was depressed. Proof, if any is needed, that parents’ behavior has a huge influence on their children’s health and behavior, even when they’re teenagers."

      "In cognitive therapy, a person learns to:

      Distinguish between thoughts and feelings.
      Become aware of how thoughts can influence feelings in ways that sometimes are not helpful.
      Learn about thoughts that seem to occur automatically and how they can affect emotions.
      Evaluate critically whether these 'automatic' thoughts and assumptions are accurate or perhaps biased.
      Develop the skills to notice, interrupt, and correct these biased thoughts." 06-09


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