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Grown Children

  1. The Road to Adulthood Getting Longer (New York Times)
      "Baby boomers have long been considered the generation that did not want to grow up, perpetual adolescents even as they become eligible for Social Security. Now, a growing body of research shows that the real Peter Pans are not the boomers, but the generations that have followed. For many, by choice or circumstance, independence no longer begins at 21." 06-10

  2. When Grown Children Return Home (CBS News)
      "A recent Pew Research survey found that almost one-in-five grown children (aged 18-34) now lives with his or her parents. And of those grown children, about a-third say they used to live independently elsewhere before returning home."

      "The phenomenon has come be known as 'The Boomerang Generation.' "


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