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Vocational Training

  1. -10-11-06 Vocational Training on the Rise (Christian Science Monitor)
      " 'American career technical education is being redefined because the needs of the evolving US and world economies are changing,' says Darrell Luzzo, incoming president of the National Career Development Association. 'Educators at all levels are recognizing that the world's employers increasingly need skill sets that the conventional four-year college degree doesn't give.' "

      "The once-standard offerings of technical education - wood shop, metal shop, machining - don't cut it in today's economy either." 10-06

  2. Vocational Training (
      "Hospitality, travel & tourism, interior decorating, fashion design, paralegal, firefighting, construction, medical transcription. Online and distance learning vocational training courses and certificate programs let you train for a new career or job on your own time." 10-06


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