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  1. -03-20-12 Are You a Super-Recognizer? (CBS News)
      "Are you one of those people who never forgets a face? You might be a 'super recognizer.' " 03-12

  1. Study: Lonliness Is Contageous (
      "If these results hold up, treating loneliness should involve more than individual therapy for patients. It requires addressing larger, society-based issues. "People are not going to realize that there is almost a wave of loneliness that is being propagated by people two or three connections removed from them," says Dr. Richard Suzman, director of the division of behavioral and social research at the National Institute on Aging, which funded the study." 09-10

  1. 20-Somethings Move Back Home (CNN News)
      "With more and more adults living under the same roof as their parents -- 85 percent of college seniors planned to return home after graduation, according to a recent poll) -- one thing is for certain: For most 20-somethings, and a lot of 30-somethings, the road to becoming a genuine grown-up, minus the air quotes, is an increasingly long one."

  2. Answers to: "Why Aren't You Married Yet?" (MSN Match)
      "Whether you’re single and loving it or desperately seeking Mr./Ms. Right, being hounded about your relationship status is annoying. And yet it seems to be a perfectly acceptable topic of conversation at festive family functions this time of year." 11-05

  3. Average Cost of a Wedding in the United States (
      "The price of weddings has jumped to a new all-time high, reaching an average $31,213 in 2014, new research says." 03-15

  4. Comfortable Shoes During the Holidays (ABC News)
      "Taryn Rose, an orthopedic surgeon and designer of shoe line Taryn Rose International, recently visited 'Good Morning America' to dole out tips for keeping feet comfortable throughout the holiday season."

      "Try a ballerina flat. This season ballerina flats are all the rage. Find a dressy pair and ditch the heels. You will look stylish and will stay comfortable all night." 12-06

  5. Everything But the Ring (
      "More than 5 million unmarried couples cohabit in the U.S., nearly eight times the number in 1970, and a record-breaking 40% of babies born in 2007 had unmarried parents (that's up 25% from 2002)." 05-09

  6. GPS Dating (CNN News)
      "While established online dating services like eHarmony and go to painstaking lengths to match daters based on their exhaustive surveys of likes and dislikes, this new crop of GPS-based dating apps seems fixated largely on two qualities in potential mates: Proximity and convenience." 08-10

  7. Health Benefits of Love and Romance (U.S. News)
      "Just a little of that human touch, in the words of Bruce Springsteen, stirs the soul, soothes the brain, and gives you a health boost as well—particularly if you skip the heart-shaped boxes of chocolate and go for the simple hug or caress." 02-09

  8. How to Apologize (
      Provides words that are needed in an effective apology.

  9. Marriage Proposals (MSNBC Lifestyle)
      Suggestions for making a proposal of marriage. 02-06

  10. Nondivorce (MSN MoneyCentral)
      "Potentially big legal fees, health-insurance needs and the expense of separate households cause some couples to stay under one roof even when their marriages are all but dead." 01-07

  11. Saying "No" (MSN MoneyCentral)
      "Among the financial skills we should learn early in life -- but usually don't -- is the ability to say no."

      "Saying no is essential if we want to stick to a budget, make progress toward our financial goals and protect our credit. Yet we also want to preserve relationships with many of the people, including loved ones, who are trying to get us to say yes." 12-06

  12. Study: Cougars a Myth (
      "For a decade now we've been chronicling the emergence of cougars in the dating jungle: women, usually over 40, who hunt younger men, or cubs, and shower them with a tantalizingly experienced kind of love — and lots of Abba music."

      "Michael Dunn isn't buying it. The noted psychology researcher at the University of Wales Institute in Cardiff has just released a study that he insists renders the cougar craze a "myth." After examining the age preferences expressed in 22,400 singles ads on popular dating websites in North America, Europe, Australia and Japan, he found no sizable cohort of women seeking younger men. To the contrary, almost all of them wanted men their own age or older." 08-10

  13. Ten Worst Gifts for Valentine's Day (MSNBC News)
      "But choosing the right gift can be quite a challenge: Too many frazzled sweethearts reach into the Valentine’s void for gift ideas and come up with something that’s just plain wrong. To help you avoid joining their ranks, we present the ten worst presents possible—and what to give your sweetie instead."

  14. Washington Aide Goes on Romantic Trip (ABC News)
      "For President Obama, this final stop in his trip abroad in France, is a solemn affair, with the 65th anniversary of the D-Day invasion. But for two White House aides, Paris is the city of love." 06-09

  15. Worst Holiday Gifts (MSNBC News)
      Describes five of the worst types of gifts for a man to give a woman and five worst for a woman to give a man. 12-05


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