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Lesson Plans
  1. HIV/AIDS and Government Policy ( - NOW)
      Provides a lesson on the relationship between the disease and Government policy. 12-05

  1. -01 New Advance in Immune Cells May Block HIV (CBS News)
      "Scientists claim they have safely introduced engineered immune cells in 12 people with HIV that have the ability to resist the virus. Researchers are lauding it as a step toward paving the way to curing the disease. Typically, patients must stay on HIV treatments the rest of their lives." 03-14

  2. AIDS Mystery Solved (CBS News)
      "The cells are turned off by HIV, which disarms them by flicking off a molecular switch in the cells. But in the laboratory, researchers were able to block that switch and restore T-cell function."

      "The findings raise the possibility that one day, doctors could switch a chronically ill patient's immune system back 'on' so that it could resume its fight against HIV, cancer or even Hepatitis C." 08-06

  3. HIV and AIDS Statistics (CDC)
      Provides statistics on HIV and AIDS. 2-00

  4. Milestones in the Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment of HIV/AIDS (
      "When the federal government reported on June 5, 1981, that "5 young men, all active homosexuals" had been diagnosed with Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia in Los Angeles, no one yet knew that these were the country's first reported cases of AIDS. Since then, medicine has come a long way in understanding, treating and even preventing HIV. Following are the key medical advances and failures that have marked the past three decades of the battle against AIDS milestones that elucidate how much we still need to learn." 06-11

  5. Pre-Cursor to H.I.V. Estimated 32,000 Years Old (New York Times)
      "In a discovery that sheds new light on the history of AIDS, scientists have found evidence that the ancestor to the virus that causes the disease has been in monkeys and apes for at least 32,000 years not just a few hundred years, as had been previously thought." 09-10

  6. Wong-Staal, Flossie (Gale Group)
      Provides a background of the pioneering medical researcher, credited with co-discovery of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. 6-00


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