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Alcohol and Other Drugs

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  1. Medical in the Reference Section of the Library
  2. Nurse's Office
  1. Addictions Research Search Engine (ETOH)
      Searches for research documents. Documents are not available online.

  2. Al-Anon and Alateen
  3. Alcohol-Related Policies, Bills, and Legislation (NIAAA)
      "The Alcohol Policy Information System (APIS) is an electronic resource that provides authoritative, detailed, and comparable information on alcohol-related policies in the United States, at both State and Federal levels. Designed primarily as a tool for researchers, APIS is intended to encourage and facilitate research on the effects and effectiveness of alcohol-related policies." 6-03

  1. Alcohol and Other Drugs (NFIA)
      Provides information for parents and teens.

  2. Cafferty: My Battle With Alcoholism (CNN News)
      "There was a relentless, unspoken tension between us caused by the chemical I was addicted to. Eventually, your personality splits apart; you're living a lie and a scary double life. It requires tremendous mental energy to stay in that game and keep living that lie, all the more so with two young kids in the house bearing witness to the worst of it. You know you're not fooling anyone, least of all your spouse. And as my ability to handle the booze diminished over time, I needed more of it, and it began to consume me. I just wanted to walk through my career and do the drinking; do the marriage and do the drinking; do the parenting and do the drinking. How many drinks do you have at dinner when you go out? Do you drink at home before you go out and have more drinks at dinner? What about after dinner?" 03-09

  3. Children of Alcoholics (American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry)
      Provides basic suggestions.

  4. Editorial: Unhealthy Side Effects of the War on Drugs (
      "June 17 marks the 40th anniversary of President Nixon's declaration of war on drugs, an effort that has cost the U.S. $1 trillion to date. What have we gotten for our investment?"

      "Not much that's good." 06-11

  5. Healthy People 2000 (Department of Health and Human Services)
      Provides priority areas, a fact sheet, a midcourse review, a publications list, progress reviews, and the consortium providing leadership for national health promotion and disease prevention.

  6. Inhalants (Chudler)
      Provides articles for teens and younger on the effects of inhalants on the brain and other parts of the body. 5-00.

  7. National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information (NCADI) (CSAP)
  8. National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information (SAMHSA)
      Provides articles and news. 10-09
    • New Tablet Could Help Smokers Quit (CBS News)
        "A drug called varenicline may be the answer. The tablets already have been shown to make smoking less rewarding for some. Preliminary work, done in rats, suggests they could do the same for drinking." 07-07

    • Plan to Reduce Health Disparities for Minorities (National Institute on Drug Abuse)
        Provides NIDA's plan to reduce the disparities in health for minorities. 10-15-99.

    • Study Links Alcohol and Cancer Risk in Women (PBS News)
        "Researcher Naomi Allen and her colleagues at the University of Oxford analyzed data from the Million Woman Study, which has been collecting health information from 1.28 million women between ages 50 to 64 since 1996. The researchers wanted to see whether the women's self-reported drinking habits were linked to the 68,775 cases of cancer that developed during the study."

        "They found that drinking just one alcoholic drink per day increased the risk of breast, liver and rectal cancer. For women who also smoked, drinking increased the risk of mouth and throat cancer as well. The type of alcohol didn't matter -- women who drank only wine increased their risk as much as women who drank other kinds of alcohol." 02-09

    • Study: How Much Alcohol Is Too Much for Seniors? (
        “A little bit of alcohol may be beneficial, but too much is clearly going to be toxic,” says Solomon. “Once you get beyond two drinks a day in men, you get into the realm where you start to see subtle evidence of cardiotoxic effects on the heart that might over the long term lead to problems. And that threshold might be lower in women.” 05-15


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