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Focus on Education

  1. Children's Resources (KidsClick)
      Provides resources compiled by librarians.

  2. Digital Librarian (Anderson)
      Provides one of the most comprehensive resources for librarians, as well as the general public. 10-09

  3. Directory of K - 12 Resources (
      Provides hundreds of K - 12 reviewed Web sites. 1-02

  4. Education Articles (Kid Source)
      Provides articles related to education and includes learning disabilities, preschool, homeschooling, ADD, and more.

  5. Education Directory (Education Oasis)
      Provides education resources, such as lesson plans, by subject or grade level. Includes a list of top Web sites for teachers and a list for students. 10-03

  6. Education Resources (Apple Computer)
  7. Education Resources (Exworthy)
      Provides lesson plans by source and resources by subject and source. 4-00

  8. Education Resources (Pacific Bell - Web Blue 'N)
      Provides resources by subject. Resources are rated by stars for quality. 2-00

  9. Education Resources (
      Provides thousands of resources. 12-00

  10. Education Resources by Subject (LARC - Shields)
      Provides resources designed to assist children with homework. Friendly design.

  11. Education Search Engine and Directory (KinderStart)
      Provides thousands of resources for persons teaching children eight years old and younger. 8-01

  12. Education World
  13. Elementary Educators (Mining Company - Mulder-Slater)
  14. Places for Kids to Go on the Internet (Armadillo)
  15. Search Engine (Schoolzone)
      Provides a searchable database of 30,000 Web sites that have been reviewed and rated by teachers. From the United Kingdom. 1-00

  16. Subject-Oriented Directory (Corbett)
      Provides sources of information by subject.

  1. NASA K-12 Initiative (NASA Quest)
      "NASA Quest Challenges are FREE Web-based, interactive explorations designed to engage students in authentic scientific and engineering processes. The solutions relate to issues encountered daiy by NASA personnel." Archived in October, 2015

  1. Education and Teaching Resources (BBC Education)
      Provides educational materials developed by the British Broadcasting Corporation. 1-02

  2. Newspapers in Education
      Provides news for kids and lesson plans and worksheets for teachers, by subject.

  1. Current Events for Kids (
      Provides current events stories, movie reviews, and sports. 11-01


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