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Focus on Children

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  2. Involving Students
  1. Children's Resources (KidsClick)
      Provides resources compiled by librarians.

  2. Children's Sites (The Kids on the Web - Kehoe)
      Provides sources of educational and fun sites for kids. 09-09

  3. Directory of Sites by Subject (Feldman)
      Provides a careful selection of sites for young kids.

  4. Education Sites for Children (NIEHS - Soward)
      Provides fun activities for kids that also help build skills in math, science and other areas of study.

  5. Interesting Places for Kids (Savitzky) 12-99
  6. Kids Places (
      Provides materials on animals, the arts, games, heroes, and more.

Purchase Resources
  1. Books Written for Kids (
      Provides bestsellers, award winners, and classics written for kids. Also provides books by age group or topic. 1-02


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