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Individualized Education Plans

  1. -Individualized Education Plan Resources (Family Village) star
      Provides resources to help parents, teachers, and students participate more effectively in the development and implementation of plans. 08-07

  2. IEP Resources (
      Provides over two dozen resources for developing more effective Individualized Education Plans. 07-07

  3. Inclusion Resources (Family Village) 08-07
  4. Legal Search Engine - LawCrawler (Courtesy of FindLaw)
      Searches for legal information. 08-07

  1. Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) (Adams)
      Provides a format for completing an IEP.

  2. Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) Example (Adams)
      Provides a short example for completing an IEP.

  1. -Individualized Education Plan (Autism Society of America) star
      Provides a comprehensive overview of an IEP, according to legislation and gives practical examples. 08-07

  2. Diagnosis - How a Student Gains a Diagnosis of Having a Disability ( - U.S. Dept. of Education)
      "A school professional may ask that a child be evaluated to see if he or she has a disability. Parents may also contact the child’s teacher or other school professional to ask that their child be evaluated. This request may be verbal or in writing. Parental consent is needed before the child may be evaluated. Evaluation needs to be completed within a reasonable time after the parent gives consent." 07-07

  3. Parents - Leading an IEP Meeting ( - Holmes)
      Provides suggestions for how parents can take a lead role in an IEP meeting. 7-07


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