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  1. Gifted Resources (Hoagies' Gifted Education)
      Provides education resources for the gifted, including identification, testing, programs, and more. 5-01

  2. Homeschooling Gifted Children (A to Z Home's Cool - Zeise)
      Provides over a dozen articles about homeschooling gifted children, including reasons for doing so. 6-01

  1. News About the Profoundly Gifted (Davidson Institute for Talent Development)
      Provides news articles related to persons who have been recognized as profoundly gifted.

  1. Acceleration in School for the Profoundly Gifted (Davidson Institute for Talent Development - Feldhusen, Proctor, and Black)
      Provides 12 guidelines for grade advancement.

      "The most appropriate educational provision for gifted and talented youth is a system of specifically designed classes which provide learning activities at an appropriate pace and level and which emphasize the process skills of critical thinking and research. Unfortunately this type of educational provision is not yet available to most gifted and talented youth. However, one of the more readily available educational alternatives for the intellectually or academically gifted student is grade advancement." 10-02

  2. Acceleration in School for the Profoundly Gifted (Davidson Institute for Talent Development)
      "Research on acceleration or grade skipping has been found to have almost uniformly positive results...." In particular, "Acceleration is educationally and socially advantageous for highly gifted learners. (Clark, 1997)"

      "Accelerated students were more likely to be high achievers in college, to graduate, and to attend graduate school than their age peers. (Brody & Stanley, 1991)"

      "Research has found no evidence to support the notion that social or emotional problems arise through well-planned and monitored acceleration programs. (Southern & Jones, 1991)" 10-02

  3. Acceleration in School for the Profoundly Gifted - Readings (Davidson Institute for Talent Development)
      Provides over three dozen articles. 10-02

  4. Are We Failing Our Geniuses? (
      "Earlier this year, Patrick Gonzales of the U.S. Department of Education presented a paper showing that the highest-achieving students in six other countries, including Japan, Hungary and Singapore, scored significantly higher in math than their bright U.S. counterparts, who scored about the same as the Estonians. Which all suggests we may be squandering a national resource: our best young minds."

      "Squandered potential is always unfortunate, but presumably it is these powerful young minds that, if nourished, could one day cure leukemia or stop global warming or become the next James Joyce--or at least J.K. Rowling."

      "In a no-child-left-behind conception of public education, lifting everyone up to a minimum level is more important than allowing students to excel to their limit. It has become more important for schools to identify deficiencies than to cultivate gifts." 08-07

  5. Articles and Research (Davidson Institute for Talent Development)
      Provides over a hundred articles, in alphabetic order, to assist parents, students, or researchers understand and work with gifted learners. 10-02

  6. Articles on the Profoundly Gifted - By Topic (Davidson Institute for Talent Development) star
      Provides over a hundred articles, by topic, to assist parents, students, or researchers understand and work with profoundly gifted learners. The areas of focus are development, education, identification, parenting, support, talent or interest development, and fun activities. Also allows keyword searches. 10-02

  7. Characteristics of Gifted Children (Education Department of Western Australia)
      Provides a checklist of learning characteristics and behaviors associated with children who are gifted. 5-01

  8. Characteristics of Gifted Children (Gifted Canada)
      Provides characteristics associated with children who are gifted. Also lists potential problems with each of the strengths. 5-01

  9. Compensation Strategies for Students With Learning Disabilities (Davidson Institute for Talent Development - Reis, McGuire, and Neu)
      Summarizes findings from research on successful college students who had high ability and learning disabilities. Discusses their compensation strategies. 10-02

  10. Factsheets on the Profoundly Gifted (Davidson Institute for Talent Development)
      Provides articles on the profoundly gifted related to Early Years, Family, IQ and Testing, Emotional/Social Development, Vulnerabilities, Parenting, Schooling, Acceleration in School, Early College, Educational Advocacy, Talent Development, Twice Exceptional, and Adult Achievement. 10-02

  11. Schooling Needs for the Profoundly Gifted (Davidson Institute for Talent Development)
      "In terms of intellectual capacity alone, the child of IQ 190 differs from moderately gifted classmates of IQ 130 to the same degree that the latter differ from intellectually handicapped children of IQ 70. (Gross, 1992)" One of the problems identified within schools is pitting equality against excellence rather than promoting both equity and excellence. 10-02


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