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Attention Deficit Disorder

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  1. ADD or ADHD (Healthnotes)
      Provides sources of information on research related to diagnosing and treating ADD or Attentional Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity (ADHD). 11-99

  2. CH.A.D.D. - Children and Adults with ADD
      Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorders (CH.A.D.D.) is a nonprofit parent-based organization formed to better the lives of individuals with attention deficit disorders and those who care for them.

  1. Awesome Talking Library (Awesome Library) star
      Converts online text into spoken words through the Awesome Talkster program. Awesome Talkster has one of the clearest synthesized voices on the Web.

      Converting online text into speech has many uses. For example, Talkster can speak online stories or books to children while an adult supervises. The voice can be put in "Boy" or "Girl" mode to add a character with a bubble over his or her head. The bubble will show each word as it is spoken and the voice can be put on "slow" for your child to follow. Talkster can thereby assist your child in learning how to pronounce words while reading.

      Talkster is also useful for adults. It can speak news articles to you in one open browser while you are searching for information in another browser window.

      For persons with visual impairments or poor coordination, Talkster can be navigated with keystrokes.

      The Web can be navigated using a version of Awesome Library in a different language, such as Spanish, while using a voice for that language that is available through the Awesome Talkster. Links to different language versions of the Awesome Library are available at the bottom of most Awesome Library pages. Links to free voices for different languages can be found on the Awesome Talking Library's help page. 9-02

  1. Abuse of ADHD Drugs (CBS News)
      "More people, especially college students trying to improve their grades, are illegally boosting their brain power by using prescription "smart drugs" like Ritalin and Aderall, meant for those with attention deficit disorders. Katie Couric reports." 04-10

  1. ADD - The Positive Side (Gallagher)
      Provides research and suggestions that ADD may have a very positive side, such as creativity. Called "born to explore."

  2. ADD or ADHD Diagnosis (Johns Hopkins)
      Provides research finding that children with ADD or ADHD respond differently to Ritalin at a neurological level. 7-02

  3. Adults With ADD (CHADD)
      "Until recently, it was believed that ADD symptoms largely disappeared in adolescence." 05-10

  4. Americans With Disabilities Act (U.S. Department of Justice)
      Provides information on the law, as well as enforcement. 5-00

  5. Articles on ADD (Additude Magazine)
      Provides useful information for adults with ADD or parents of children with ADD. 05-10

  6. Attention Deficit Disorder (Family Village)
      Provides carefully reviewed resources for contacts, support, and diagnoses. 2-00

  7. Attention Deficit Disorder Resources (Mental Health Net)
      "The purpose of this paper is to provide a detailed description of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), its causes, symptoms and treatments."

  8. Children Who Can't Pay Attention (American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry)
      Provides basic suggestions. 05-10

  9. Court Ruling Helps Special-Needs Students (U.S. News)
      "The case before the court involved a struggling Oregon high school student, identified in court documents only as T.A., who was found ineligible for special-education services in the Forest Grove district after school officials evaluated him for learning disabilities. His parents removed him from public school in his junior year and enrolled him in a $5,200-a-month residential school. Only after T.A. enrolled in the private school did doctors say he suffered from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and other disabilities."

      "The crux of the case was whether a 1997 amendment to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, or IDEA, prohibits students from receiving private-school tuition reimbursement if they never enrolled in special-education services in a public school. The high court's ruling makes it clear that it does not." 07-09

  10. Diagnosis of ADD (CH.A.D.D.)
      "Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD) is a neurobiological disorder. It is characterized by developmentally inappropriate impulsivity, inattention, and in some cases, hyperactivity. Although individuals with AD/HD can be very successful in life, without appropriate identification and treatment, AD/HD can have serious consequences."

  11. Diagnosis of ADHD (
      "The surge in ADHD diagnoses has worried mental-health clinicians because diagnosis of the disorder can be highly subjective. And yet between 1992 and 2000, production of the stimulant methylphenidate — which is marketed as Ritalin — increased 730%, according to the British Medical Journal. But there is a better way to diagnose ADHD — an objective, widely available test developed at McLean Hospital, the psychiatric arm of Harvard Medical School. The test is so good that it could settle the ADHD-diagnosis debate." 02-11

  12. Factsheets on Attention-Deficit or Hyperactive Disorder (CHADD)
      Provides information eight factsheets.

  13. Kids Need More Sleep (
      "Now that school has started, many parents find themselves struggling to shift their kids back to a working routine. As they shave off time for TV and the Internet to make way for schoolwork, parents may want to add extra for that other big contributor to success at school: sleep. Recent research on kids has connected the importance of sleep not only to cognition, but to behavior and mood as well."

      "What if they come up short? A sleep-deprived child's reaction is often different from the low energy and sleepiness experienced by adults. "Reducing the amount of hours a child sleeps manifests itself in the child becoming wired and hyperexcitable—exhibiting behavior similar to children with attention deficit disorder," says David Gozal, director of the pediatric sleep program at the University of Louisville in Kentucky. Kids' emotions may become erratic, says Gozal, and they may be less apt to listen or pay attention." 09-07

  14. Legal Issues for Higher Education and Disability (
      Describes relevant legal cases.

  15. Medical Conditions that May Be Confused with ADHD (
      "According to HealthCentral expert Eileen Bailey, getting an accurate ADD/ADHD diagnosis can be difficult at any time, but the fact that the disorder shares symptoms with other health conditions can make it even harder." 12-12

  16. Myths About ADHD (
      The first myth is that ADHD is a phony disorder.

  17. Parents - Assistance for Parents (Giler)
      Provides suggestions for parents of children with ADD or learning disabilities.

  18. Sensory Processing Disorder or Sensory Integration Dysfunction (
      "At STAR Center they wear a more benign label: children with sensory processing disorder (SPD)."

      "OTs have been treating SPD, also known as sensory integration dysfunction, since 1972, when A. Jean Ayres, a UCLA psychologist and occupational therapist, published the first book on the condition." 11-07

  19. Study: ADHD Medications Only Help Short Term (U.S. News)
      "Stimulant drugs like Ritalin that are used to treat ADHD don't improve children's symptoms long term, according to new research published online in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. That may come as a surprise to parents, but ADHD researchers have been arguing for the past 10 years over the findings of the Multimodal Treatment Study of Children with ADHD. Called the MTA study, it is the largest study conducted to compare the benefits of medication to behavioral interventions."

      "Earlier reports found that children taking stimulants alone or combined with behavioral treatment did better in the first year than children who got no special care or who got behavioral treatment alone." 04-09

  20. Symptoms of ADHD in Women (
      "Not all women with ADD/ADHD present with the same symptoms. Some women are hyperactive; others are sluggish. The symptoms listed here are those not often mentioned in ADD/ADHD literature, but which are commonly described by women with the condition. Is it any wonder that daily activities can become overwhelming?"

  1. Do You Have Adult ADHD? (
      Provides a quiz. 05-10


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