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Assisted Living Facilities

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  1. Nursing Homes
  1. Assisted Living Facilities Directory (Assisted-Living-Directory.ocm)
      Provides listings by state and then by location.

  2. Down Sizing for Seniors (New York Times)
      "But the social workers, geriatricians, retirement community administrators and family members heís been talking to since 2002 universally believe this: The sheer volume of objects in a typical household, the enormous physical and cognitive effort involved in sorting out whatís essential, the psychological toll of parting with whatís disposable ó all can lead to a kind of paralysis that keeps seniors in place, even when the place isnít the best place." 09-10

  3. How to Pick a Nursing Home (New York Times)
      "I was witnessing in real life one of the most dismal statistics in long-term care: More than 70 percent of nursesí aides, or certified nursing assistants, change jobs in a given year." 09-10

  4. Selecting an Assisted Living Facility (U.S. News)
      "As people age and need more help with daily activities, such as bathing or taking medication, moving to a facility that provides some assistance, without sacrificing independence, may be an option. This type of environment, known as assisted living, has emerged in the past two decades as an increasingly available option for housing and long-term care. In 1999, one third of the facilities that offered assisted living services had been in existence for less than five years, and 60 percent had existed for less than a decade, according to research published in January in the journal Health Affairs." 05-10


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