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  1. -01-12-05 Poll: Public Not Sold on Bush View of Social Security (ABC News)
      "As noted, the administration also faces a challenge in simply getting the public to share its sense of urgency about Social Security. Bush declared last week, 'The crisis is now.' In this poll, however, just 25 percent say Social Security is in crisis, actually down from 34 percent in an ABC/Post poll in 1998." 01-05

  2. -04-20-05 Seniors Will Outnumber Children (USA Today)
      "The elderly population in every state will grow faster than the total population, and seniors will outnumber school-age children in 10 states in the next 25 years, population projections released today by the Census Bureau indicate."

      "The boom in the number of elderly portends dramatic shifts in political dynamics as competition intensifies for tax dollars to finance programs for the old and the young. More than one in four residents will be 65 and older in six states by 2030: Florida, Wyoming, Maine, New Mexico, Montana and North Dakota." 4-05

  3. -07-23-05 Huge Bills for Long-Term Elderly Care (ABC News)
      "Currently, roughly 9 million elderly Americans require some kind of long-term care. By 2020, that number will have jumped to 12 million."

      "It's a subject a lot of people don't like to think about. A recent study found four in 10 Americans don't know what steps to take to prepare for their own long-term care, which can easily run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars." 7-05


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