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  1. Respirators for Pandemics (
      Provides a list of NIOSH-Approved N95 Disposable Particulate Respirators for use in case of a flu pandemic. 07-07

  2. SARS Basics (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
      Provides both basic and comprehensive information about SARS. 4-03

  3. SARS Basics (World Health Organization)
      Provides news and comprehensive information about SARS. 4-03

  4. SARS Beaten in Viet Nam (BBC News - Black)
      "It has been 20 days since Vietnam's last reported case - twice the incubation period - and the World Health Organization says the country has successfully controlled its outbreak." 4-03

  5. SARS Gene Sequenced (CNN News)
      "Researchers in Canada and the United States, working independently, announced they sequenced the genome for the suspected cause of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome." 4-03

  6. SARS Linked to Animal Virus (
      "The virus that infects humans with SARS is slightly different from one found in wild animals sold in China for food, but close enough to suggest the disease jumped from animals to humans and could do so again, researchers say." 9-03

  7. SARS Map - Global Update (BBC News)
      Provides a world map with descriptions of the progression of SARS. "Click on the map for details of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (Sars) cases, deaths and events from around the world." 4-03

  8. SARS May Be Spread By Touch (BBC News)
      "New research into the deadly Sars virus suggests it might be able to be spread through contact with contaminated objects." 5-03

  9. SARS Mutates Slowly (Bloomberg - Lauerman)
      "The virus that causes SARS appears to be mutating slowly, calming fears of a disease that will easily resist drugs and increasing chances of a vaccine, according to research that will be published today in the Lancet medical journal." 5-03

  10. SARS Tests Our Global Village (BBC News)
      "Sars was seen as the biggest test so far of whether individual countries could cope with the pressure of infected people arriving daily at their airports." 5-03

  11. SARS Threatens Asian Economies (BBC News)
      "The Asian Development Bank forecasts that economic growth in China, Hong Kong, South Korea and 38 other member countries will slow to an average of 5.3 per cent this year from last year's 5.7 per cent." 5-03

  12. SARS Timeline (BBC News)
      Provides a timeline of outbreaks of SARS. 4-03

  13. SARS: Is Global Panic Justified? (BBC News)
      "Sars can still be brought under control - and perhaps even eradicated - says the World Health Organization."

      "On Monday, it announced that it felt the outbreak had peaked in every country in south east Asia except China."

      "They know this because the number of new cases is falling away - although, in Hong Kong in particular, many people are still dying from the illness." 4-03


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