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Global Prevention

  1. Prevention of Childhood Diseases Globally (World Health Organization)
      Explains that over half of deaths of children globally is from just four conditions, pneumonia, diarrheal diseases, malaria and measles. These conditions can all be treated for 41 cents per child, including vaccines, injection equipment, vitamins, salts, and more. Provides financial support globally to fight health problems. (Diarrhea is spelled diarrhoea in the United Kingdom.) 1-01

  2. World Bank (World Health Organization)
      Provides financial support globally to fight health problems. 1-01

  3. World Health Organization
      Provides reports and health information from the World Health Organization (WHO) 1-01

  1. Global Prevention (World Health Organization)
      Shows the primary causes of death for those under 45 years of age in developing countries. "Global health has moved higher up the political agenda today as governments become increasingly aware that health is key to poverty reduction and development." 1-01

  2. Global Prevention - Maternity and Perinatal Conditions (World Health Organization)
      Explains that maternity and perinatal conditions that cause death and disability for millions could be prevented for 3 dollars per person in developing countries. 1-01

  3. Pandemic Preparedness (World Health Organization)
      "A major component of pandemic preparedness is to strengthen the capacity to respond to yearly epidemics of influenza. A surveillance network for human and animal influenza and a targeted influenza vaccination programme are the cornerstones of a national influenza policy." 12-04


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