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Face Transplants

  1. -02-06-06 Face Transplant Recipient Appears (MSNBC News)
      "The Frenchwoman who received the world’s first partial face transplant showed off her new features to the public Monday, saying in a heavily slurred voice that she now looks 'like everyone else' and hopes to resume a normal life." Includes several photos. 02-06

  1. Face Transplant Recipient Thankful (MSNBC News)
      "Five years ago, a shotgun blast left a ghastly hole where the middle of her face had been. Five months ago, she received a new face from a dead woman." 05-09

  2. Face Transplant Successful (CBS News)
      "Dallas Wiens lost his sight and his facial features in 2008, after he was zapped by a power line. But doctors in Boston gave him a new nose, lips, skin, muscle, and nerves in March, and now the 25-year-old Texan is on the mend."

      "He and his doctors held a press conference today at Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital, where the surgery was performed." 05-11

  3. Face Transplants Considered (CBS News)
      "This is no extreme TV makeover. It is a medical frontier being explored by a doctor who wants the public to understand what she is trying to do."

      "It is this: to give people horribly disfigured by burns, accidents or other tragedies a chance at a new life. Today's best treatments still leave many of them with freakish, scar-tissue masks that don't look or move like natural skin."

      "These people already have lost the sense of identity that is linked to the face; the transplant is merely 'taking a skin envelope' and slipping their identity inside, Siemionow contends." 9-05

  4. First Full Face Transplant Completed (USA Today)
      "A hospital in Spain says it has carried out the world's first full-face transplant, giving a man a new nose, skin, jaws, cheekbones, teeth and other features after he lost his face in an accident." 04-10

  5. French Doctors Transplant a Face (CBS News)
      "French doctors on Wednesday claimed a world-first partial face transplant, saying a nose, lips and chin were grafted onto a 38-year-old woman disfigured by a dog bite. " 11-05

  6. Second U.S. Face Transplant Recipient Thankful (U.S. News)
      "Just months after his miracle face transplant , Maki, America's second person to undergo the procedure, is settling down and beginning to feel his smile again." 05-09

  7. Spaniard Gets a Face Transplant (CBS News)
      "Five years ago, Oscar, a 31-year-old Spanish farmer, accidentally blew his entire face off. He was unable to eat or breathe on his own." 07-10

  8. Third Face Transplant Successful (CNN News)
      "A brutal mauling by a friend's pet chimpanzee left Charla Nash without a nose, eyelids, lips or hands. Police initially couldn't determine her gender. Doctors weren't sure if she would survive. Now, more than two years later, physicians at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston have released the first post-surgery pictures of Nash since she received a full face transplant in May." 05-11


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