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Back Pain

  1. Back Pain (
      Provides information on diagnosis of disc problems associated with lower back pain, including MRI procedures for locating ruptured discs. 5-00

  2. Replacement Disk Surgery (ABC News)
      "The whole procedure took about 90 minutes, and afterward an X-ray showed Lowe's new disc was in the perfect position." 05-06

  3. Surgery for Back Pain (Journal of the American Medical Association)
      "Patients in both the surgery and the nonoperative treatment groups improved substantially over a 2-year period." 11-06

  1. Backpacking With a "Bad" Back or Hip (
      "In this section, I'll share my experience - the things that have helped and the things that have not - and you can do the same - the techniques, exercises, etc. that you have employed to cope with and/or heal your back pain." 6-05


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