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Surgical Solutions

  1. "Pacemaker" Helps Reduce Appetite (ABC News)
      "Nearly a third of the adult American population is considered obese, according to the American Medical Association, and as a result, there is clear need for new and different approaches to weight loss."

      "One approach the experimental implantable gastric stimulation device, also known as a 'stomach pacemaker' is shown to be an effective alternative to radical surgery such as the gastric bypass for helping people shed large amounts of weight." 11-04

  2. Fat-Busting Lasers (
      "A technique developed by American scientists could lead to fat-related conditions, including arterial heart disease, being melted away by high-intensity beams." 04-06

  3. Medical Information About Obesity (National Library of Medicine - Medline Plus)
      Provides diagrams and facts related to medical interventions on obesity. 2-05

  4. Outsmarting Your Appetite (ABC News)
      "The device itself is similar to a heart pacemaker and about the size of a silver dollar. It is implanted in a one-hour procedure with general anesthesia. Surgeons use a laparoscope to make small holes in the abdominal wall down to the stomach and then attach two electrical wires right into the outer wall of the stomach. The wires send mild bursts of electricity throughout the stomach wall. The wires are powered by a battery in the pacemaker which is placed under the skin on the abdomen."

      "The result is that the stomach's nerves are stimulated, which fool wearers into thinking their stomach is full."

      "Bradshaw said she feels no pain or discomfort from the device."The pounds started to come off. A year later Bradshaw had dropped from a size 28 to a size 14."

      "It's still a bit of a mystery how the pacemaker makes people feel less hungry."


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