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Obesity and Genes

  1. Fat Gene Can Be Neutralized With Exercise (MSNBC News)
      "Scientists believe about 30 percent of white people of European ancestry have this [FTO fat gene] variant, including the Amish, and that may partly explain why so many people are overweight."

      "And while physical activity is recommended for just about everyone, the study suggests that people with the gene variation need to be especially vigilant about getting exercise."

      " 'It's only if you're not active that the gene hurts,' Snitker said. 'If you are active, then either way, it doesn't matter whether you have the gene or not.' " 09-08

  2. Gene that Makes You Eat Too Much (BBC News)
      "Scientists have discovered a gene which may increase the risk of obesity by encouraging people to overeat."

      "The gene, GAD2, increases production of a chemical which boosts the appetite." 03-07

  3. Obesity and Genes (Science Daily)
      "It is a common perception that being obese or overweight is the result of a person's genetic makeup. However, Dr. Claude Bouchard, a well-known obesity geneticist, has stated that genes play only a modest role in the problem of obesity in the U.S. Although the body of research linking specific genes to susceptibility for obesity has uncovered intriguing results, these findings tend to be very complex and difficult to apply to the current epidemic of obesity in the U.S. Furthermore, no research has established the existence of genes necessary for the development of obesity (i.e., genes that, if present, will clearly cause obesity)." 03-07


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