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  1. Medications and Pharmacy Resources (Family Village) 2-00
  1. -Spelling Checkers for Medical Terms (Awesome Library)
      Checks online for correct spelling and offers alternatives if the spelling is incorrect. Also offers glossaries for browsing terms. 7-02

  2. Pharmacology Flash Cards (
      Provides flash cards to help learn terms. See Medicine. 10-04

  1. -Medications Discount Finder (
      Provides free discount coupons. Awesome Library does not endorse this source but provides it as an example.. 10-14

  2. -Medications Finder (
      Provides most talked about drugs and talked-about conditions. 10-10

  3. -Medications Finder (
      "Find your topic by using the A-Z list (select a letter - over 2500 common drugs listed) or the search function below or review the list below for commonly searched drugs." 10-10

  4. -Medications Finder (
      "Search by name or medical condition for prescription drugs or over the counter medications." 10-10

  5. -Medications Finder by Condition (
      Provides drugs by condition. Provides a somewhat technical approach, including the composition of drugs. 10-10

  6. -Reasons Why American Medications Cost So Much (CBS News)
      "In the U.S., no single entity can bargain on consumers' behalf, given the country's patchwork of insurers, employers, and federal and state programs. Domestic prices are more expensive for 93 percent of 40 popular branded drugs than what is charged in Norway, a Wall Street Journal investigation found. The analysis found similar results for medications in England and in Ontario, Canada." 12-15

  7. Biohazard Medical Waste (BiomedicalWasteSolutions)
      "Biohazardous waste from health care facilities ranges from needles to dressings; regulated medical waste disposal companies handle the management. 06-14

  8. Drug Search (RxList)
      Provides detailed technical information about each drug, primarily for medical professionals. Also provides useful information for patients, such as side effects and counterindications. 10-09

  9. Drugstore Medications Doctors Don't Recommend (
      " We spoke with physicians, dermatologists, surgeons and dentists and here are the 10 drugstore purchases that they say they would never buy...." 10-10

  10. Study: 27,000 Heart Attacks Associated Vioxx (USA Today)
      "The study, an analysis of a database of 1.4 million Kaiser Permanente members, found that those who took Vioxx were more likely to suffer a heart attack or sudden cardiac death than those who took Celebrex, Vioxx's main rival. Based on their findings, Graham and his collaborators linked Vioxx to more than 27,000 heart attacks or sudden cardiac deaths nationwide from the time it came on the market in 1999 through 2003." 11-04

  11. Vioxx Facts (ABC News)
      "Pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co. pulled its anti-inflammatory drug Vioxx off the shelves today in a voluntary recall after a clinical trial found patients using the drug had an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes. The following are some facts on the once-popular medication."

      "Vioxx is the name Merck & Co. gave to rofecoxib, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) developed by the company in the 1990s."

      "Vioxx is classified as a COX-2 inhibitor, a type of pain relief that works by inhibiting an enzyme (cyclooxygenase) involved in inflammation."

      "In September 2004, the FDA approved Vioxx for juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, the first COX-2 inhibitor to be approved for JRA." 10-04


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