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  1. -02-15-10 New Insights Gained on Aging (
      "Spector and Samani say that understanding the components that determine telomere length may one day help researchers devise new treatments for age-related diseases, particularly heart disease (the study was partially funded by the British Heart Foundation). "I see in my practice 80-year-olds with healthy coronary arteries and 40-year-olds with heart disease. We may be on our way to explaining the genetic component in the explanation for why this is so, and so expanding our knowledge of the disease and how to treat it," he says." 02-10

  1. -01 "Biological Clock" for Aging Found in Genes (CBS News)
      "Researchers have discovered a 'biological clock' embedded in the human genome that can indicate how old a person's tissues and cells really are. The hope is with this clock, they may eventually find a way to slow or reverse aging in some parts of the body."

  2. A Longevity Gene (ABC News)
      "Living for 100 years is an unlikely prospect for most of us. But for those lucky few who make it to the century mark, a crucial gene variation relating to cholesterol levels may play an important part in their longevity." 12-06

  3. Genes Control Aging (
      "Two University of Colorado at Boulder researchers working with GenoPlex Inc. in Denver have identified a biological switch that controls lifespan in tiny worms, a finding that could have applications for mammals, including people." Discusses DAF-2 and DAF-16. College Level. 9-02

  4. Genes Found Related to Speed of Aging (MSNBC News)
      "There are five 'blue zones' in the world, meaning areas that have high demographics of people that reach 100 or areas that have long life expectancy rates. Dr. Jon LaPook talks with author Dan Buettner about how lifestyle leads to longevity." 02-10

  5. Girl Doesn't Age (ABC News)
      "Brooke Greenberg is the size of an infant, with the mental capacity of a toddler."

      "She turned 16 in January."

      "Walker, of the University of South Florida, believes that if the gene can be isolated, it may provide clues to questions about why we age and die." 06-09


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