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  1. -Dieting Monkeys Offer Hope for Longevity (New York Times)
      "A long-awaited study of aging in rhesus monkeys suggests, with some reservations, that people could in principle fend off the usual diseases of old age and considerably extend their life span by following a special diet."

      "Known as caloric restriction, the diet has all the normal healthy ingredients but contains 30 percent fewer calories than usual." 07-09

  2. Age-Fighting Foods (
      "Discover the best antiaging foods for your body and mind." 05-10

  3. Low-Calorie Diet Slows Aging in Monkeys (MSNBC News)
      "So far, 37 percent of the monkeys who kept their regular diet have died of age-related diseases compared with just 13 percent of the calorie-cut monkeys, a nearly three-fold difference, the researchers reported. A handful of other monkeys died of unrelated conditions, such as injury, not deemed affected by nutrition."

      "Death was not the only change. The calorie-cut monkeys had less than half the incidence of cancerous tumors or heart disease as the monkeys who ate normally. Brain scans showed less age-related shrinkage in the dieting monkeys. They also retained more muscle, something else that tends to waste with age." 07-09

  4. PQQs for Better Longevity (
      "Mitochondria, the cellular power plants that generate virtually all the energy your body requires, play a vital role in keeping organs youthful and healthy, too."

      "So what can you do to keep those mitochondria powered up? Try reaching for the green -- like green pepper, green kiwifruit, and green parsley. Green-pigmented foods like these are rich in pyrroloquinoline quinone -- or PQQ for short -- a powerful antioxidant that shields mitochondria from oxidative damage in such vital organs as the brain and heart." 08-11

  5. The Synergy of Foods May Be the Key (U.S. News)
      "But what if it's not a single chemical or food that traditionally protected the Japanese, says Gardner, but how all components of their diet interact? 'Maybe it's not just the tofu but the tofu in the stir fry with the sesame oil,' he says. 'The frustrating thing in nutrition is that for the last couple of decades, so many studies have failed because we've isolated one nutrient at a time, when probably the benefit comes from the synergistic and additive effects of the whole diet taken together.' " 08-10

  6. Want to Make It to 85? (MSNBC News)
      "One of the largest, longest studies of aging found one more reason to stay trim and active: It could greatly raise your odds of living to at least age 85." 11-06

  7. Watch Your Waist, Not Just Your Weight (U.S. News)
      "You may assume that if your weight is in the healthy range, you have a low risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other conditions linked to obesity. But new research suggests that waist size could play as important a role as body weight in determining how long you live. After examining a database of more than 100,000 men and women ages 50 and older participating in a cancer prevention study, researchers found that those with the largest waistlines had about twice the risk of dying over a nine-year period as those with the smallest waistlines." 08-10


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