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Heart Disease

Cardiac Arrest

  1. -03-28-07 Study: Drugs Work as Well as Stents in Non-Emergency Situation (PBS News)
      "A new study has found that the use of drugs and stents, which are tiny metal scaffolds placed in clogged arteries, may be no better than using drugs alone in non-emergency situations. Two cardiologists discuss the findings." 03-07

  2. -10-09-07 Blood Transfusions May Cause Heart Disease (
      "Logically, and medically, patients who need transfusions those with low blood counts should benefit immediately from a transfusion of new oxygen-laden red blood cells. Yet many get sicker. Puzzled by the paradox, Stamler and his colleagues decided to look more closely at banked blood to figure out whether it underwent certain changes that turned it from life-saving in the donor to potentially deadly in the bag."

      "Their finding, reported this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences: nitric oxide (NO). A workhorse of the blood, the gas helps red blood cells ferry oxygen to tissues and props open tiny vessels to allow freer blood flow. It turns out that within hours of leaving the body, levels of nitric oxide in the blood begin to drop, until, by the time donated blood expires after 42 days, the gas is almost nonexistent. 'The reality is that we are giving blood that cannot deliver oxygen properly,' says Stamler, lead author of the study. 'Many patients who are getting blood are being put at increased risk.' " 10-07

  1. -Best and Worst Hospitals for Heart Attack Survival (USA Today)
      "These hospitals made the government's roster of the best and worst in America, as measured by patients' heart-attack and heart-failure death rates in 2005 and 2006." 06-07


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