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Avian Flu

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  1. -Pandemic or Hurricane Checklist (Awesome Library)
      Provides recommendations for what to assemble to prepare for avian (bird) flu or other pandemic. Includes recommendations appropriate for preparing for a hurricane also. 03-06

  1. Avian Flu Risks (ABC News)
      "Are travelers at risk for the bird flu? What are the symptoms associated with this illness? asked Dr. William Schaffner to answer questions about the risks the disease poses to the U.S. population. Schaffner is an infectious disease specialist and the chairman of the Department of Preventive Medicine at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tenn." 10-05

  2. Breakthrough Against Flu and Bird Flu (U.S. News)
      "Researchers have found what they think could be the key to a whole new way of treating and protecting against influenza—with monoclonal antibodies. If the discovery pans out, the approach could be used as a treatment for bird flu and seasonal flu and also as the basis for a vaccine against many different flu strains, including the H5N1 strain that has caused so much worry about a pandemic."

      "Our vaccine is directed against the lollipop stick, which actually contains the machinery that allows the virus to enter cells. This is what allowed us to make this significant scientific advance—to identify a new Achilles' heel in the virus's coat protein."

      "We tested the antibody against bird flu, against 1918 pandemic flu; we tested it against all 10 different types of flu viruses, multiple strains, both in tissue culture and in animals. The antibody was not only active in preventing infection; you could give it to animals that got a lethal dose of the flu virus as late as three days after infection, when they were clearly getting sick, and they recovered and survived." 02-09

  3. Expert: Preparing for a Pandemic (ABC News)
      "The Red Cross says that if there's a pandemic, we need to prepare for 10 days of being stuck in our homes, and that we may be without power and water during that time. In the event of a bird flu pandemic, Americans should plan for interruptions or delays in other services: Banks might close, hospitals could be overwhelmed, and postal service could be spotty. Experts also say that people need to begin stocking up on extra food and supplies like protective masks, flashlights, portable radios, batteries and matches." 03-06

  4. Flu Factsheet for Persons Exposed (Health.State.MN.US)
      "Avian influenza refers to a large group of different influenza viruses that primarily infect birds. A pandemic occurs when an avian influenza strain adapts to become easily transmissible between humans, e.g., by coughing and sneezing. Once this adaptation occurs, it will no longer be a bird virus - it will be a human influenza virus." 02-08

  5. Flu Research Breakthrough (CBS News)
      "Different influenza strains spread around the world annually. Every so often a strain tough enough to kill millions emerges, and experts believe the world is overdue for another pandemic. Unraveling what made the 1918 flu so vicious could help doctors better react if a similar strain returns."

      "All flu viruses are thought to have originated in birds. But scientists also have long thought that to cause human epidemics, the viruses first had to jump from birds to pigs, where genetic changes that allow the strains to better spread in mammals occur."

      "Flu strains that are more birdlike are more dangerous to people because their immune systems haven't been exposed to them before."

      "Asia's current bird flu, a strain known as H5N1, clearly can jump directly from poultry to people - at least 16 people have died of it this winter. Most cases have been traced directly to contact with sick birds, although human-to-human transmission has not been ruled out in one instance." 2-04

  6. Flu, Avian (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
      "Type A influenza viruses can infect several animal species, including birds, pigs, horses, seals and whales. Influenza viruses that infect birds are called “avian influenza viruses.” Birds are an especially important species because all known subtypes of influenza A viruses circulate among wild birds, which are considered the natural hosts for influenza A viruses. Avian influenza viruses do not usually directly infect humans or circulate among humans." 12-04

  7. New Flu Shot "Big Leap Forward" (MSNBC News)
      "The first experimental bird flu vaccine made from lab-grown cells instead of chicken eggs shows promise in blocking the highly lethal virus, scientists report."

      "The advance is good news not just for preparations in case of a pandemic, but also because it offers a way to make shots for seasonal flu much faster. That gives health officials crucial extra time to better match annual shots to the flu strains circulating." 06-08

  8. Pandemic Preparedness - Avian Flu (International Herald Tribune)
      "A global pandemic of avian influenza is 'very, very likely' and could kill tens of millions of people worldwide, a top World Health Organization official said Monday."

      Editor's Note: U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson stated on December 3, 2004 that one of his greatest health fears is for a pandemic of avian flu. 12-04

  9. Preparing for a Pandemic (ABC News)
      "If there is an avian flu pandemic, you'll want to minimize your chance of catching it by staying indoors; you might even be required to stay home if the government asks that people remain in quarantine or 'shelter in place.' Stocking up today on at least seven days' worth of essentials such as water, nonperishable food, emergency and medical supplies will help you get through an extended time at home if an outbreak happens. Once you've purchased these items, store them in a place where you will not be tempted to dip into them for everyday use." 03-06

  10. Respirators for Pandemics (
      Provides a list of NIOSH-Approved N95 Disposable Particulate Respirators for use in case of a flu pandemic. 07-07


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