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  1. -09-29-05 Bird Flu Mutant Likely to Cause Pandemic (USA Today)
      "A top U.N. public health expert warned Thursday that a new influenza pandemic could come anytime and claim millions of lives unless officials to take action now to control an epidemic in Asia."

      "Dr. David Nabarro of the World Health Organization called on governments to take immediate steps to address the threat at a news conference following his appointment as the new U.N. coordinator to lead a global drive to counter a human flu pandemic." 9-05

  2. -09-30-05 U.N.: Concern About Bird Flu Mutant Needs Moderation (CBS News)
      "The World Health Organization moved Friday to dampen fears over alarming predictions quoted by one of its own officials that a pandemic stemming from the bird flu virus ravaging parts of Asia could kill as many as 150 million people."

      "Normal seasonal flu viruses have an attack rate of between 5 percent and 20 percent, but a death rate of less than 1 percent. Between 250,000 and 500,000 die from flu every year, according to WHO." 9-05

  3. -10-10-05 Approach to Quarantines: Medieval or Modern? (MSNBC News)
      "Quarantine — or some version of it — in a 21st-century flu pandemic would look very different from the medieval stereotype of diseased outcasts locked in a do-not-enter zone."

      "President Bush’s specter of a military-enforced mass quarantine is prompting debate of the Q-word as health officials update the nation’s plan for battling a pandemic — a plan expected to define who decides when and how to separate the contagious from everyone else."

      "Bush’s comments recall how quarantines were enforced in parts of this country in the 1890s, when armed guards patrolled streets to keep victims of smallpox and other dread diseases confined to their homes."

      On the other hand, "The SARS epidemic of 2003 illustrated that 'the public will voluntarily comply with measures to both protect themselves and their loved ones' — if doctors make the case that the steps are for their own good," said Dr. Marty Cetron, head of quarantine at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

      " 'Quarantine' means restricting the movement of still healthy people who may have been exposed to an infectious disease, in case they’re carrying it. It’s almost always for a brief time; during SARS, for instance, hospital workers exposed to suspect cases were asked to stay home from work during the respiratory disease’s 10-day incubation period." 10-05

  4. -10-13-05 Dangerous Bird Flu Discovered in EU (BBC News)
      "EU states have been urged to stockpile anti-viral drugs after confirmation that the bird flu virus found in Turkey is the H5N1 strain dangerous to humans." 10-05

  5. -10-13-05 Dangerous Bird Flu Hits Romania (
      "Bird flu struck Romania on the eastern border of the European Union, and a deadly strain was detected in Turkey, raising concern that the virus that's killed 60 people in Asia is spreading across Europe." 10-05

  6. -10-15-05 Dog Flu Spreads Rapidly (Washington Times)
      "A new canine influenza, or dog flu, is spreading steadily through the nation's dogs, and experts say there is no vaccine available to curb the virus that has killed young and otherwise healthy animals." 10-05

  7. -11-01-05 Bush $7.1 Billion to Combat Avian Flu (CNN News)
      "President Bush announced Tuesday that he would ask Congress for $7.1 billion in emergency funding to prepare the country for a possible flu pandemic." 10-05

  8. -Avian Flu News (ABC News)
      Provides news. 10-05

  9. -Avian Flu News (MSNBC News)
      Provides news. 10-05

  10. 09-28-05 Dog Flu (ABC News)
      " A newly discovered virus has killed dogs in at least seven states, and veterinarians, kennel operators and pet owners are concerned because researchers say there is no vaccine and dogs do not have immunity to the new flu." 9-05


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