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  1. SIDS Research Reported ( - Hathaway)
      "Babies who die suddenly in their sleep may have abnormalities in brain cells that help regulate breathing, Yale University researchers reported Monday." 5-02

  2. SleepSacks to Stave Off SIDS (
      "SleepSacks, which are now used in 800 U.S. hospitals, were inspired by the death of Bill Schmid's daughter, Haley, of SIDS. You can find the safe-sleeping sacks everywhere from Target to Pottery Barn." 06-12

  3. Study: Genetic Link to SIDS Deaths Suspected (
      "The difficulty seems to center on the chemical serotonin and the brain's ability to use and reuse it. In addition to being a mood regulator, seratonin is involved in the regulation of breathing." 10-06


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