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  1. Breastfeeding Tips and Topics (
      "Welcome to your source for breastfeeding tips and articles based on current discoveries in evolutionary, cross-cultural, and clinical research." 04-08

  2. Breastfeeding on Demand (
      "For generations, Western 'baby experts' have advised parents to feed their babies at regularly-spaced intervals of 3- or 4-hours. Today, official medical recommendations have shifted in favor of feeding on demand." 04-08

  3. Hayek Breast-Feeds Another Woman's Baby (
      "If anyone on the planet could convince men that breast-feeding moms can have a sex life, it would be Salma Hayek. The beautifully busty actress, on a trip to Sierra Leone to support a tetanus-vaccination project, nursed a starving baby she encountered while being filmed by ABC News. She did this, she told the camera crew, in part out of compassion for a suffering child, but also to help lift the stigma against breast-feeding in Africa, where men often think women can't have sex if they're still nursing." 02-09

  1. Nursing a Baby: A Human Rights Issue? (MSNBC News)
      "Over the last 30 years, it has become increasingly clear that breastfeeding is the best way to launch most children. As a result, the American Academy of Pediatrics now urges moms to breast feed for 'at least' a year, adding that up to three years is healthy."

      "But studies show that six months later [after starting breastfeeding], only about half are still nursing. If you want to know one reason why, consider the experience of Emily Gillette, a 27-year-old mom from Santa Fe, N.M.,who made national headlines this month when she was forced off a commercial plane for breastfeeding."

      "She has filed a complaint with the Vermont Human Rights Commission; Vermont law recognizes a womanís right to breastfeed as a civil right. The commission has the option of resolving the issue with the airline, or it could file a civil rights lawsuit against the airline. 'No matter what, itís a womanís right to breastfeed. Itís not anyone elseís right to decide for her,' Gillette says." 11-06


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