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  1. -04-08-09 Oral Allergy Syndrome (CNN News)
      "Have you ever experienced itchiness or hives in your mouth area after eating raw fruit or vegetables? Do you also have seasonal allergies?"

      "If so, you may have oral allergy syndrome, whose symptoms occur because the proteins in some fruits and vegetables are similar to proteins in some pollens." 04-09

  2. Allergy Myths and Facts (ABC News)
      "While allergists test patients for foods they eat and allergens they may inhale, dermatologists are often the ones who look at contact allergies." 04-09

  1. Allergies - Cleaning Guidelines (
      Suggests frequency of cleaning to reduce allerens for allergy sufferers. 9-03

  2. Allergies - Green Label Certified Vacuum Cleaners (
      Provides a list of vacuum cleaners that have been Green Label Certified. 9-03

  3. In Praise of Germs (MSNBC News)
      "Attention, germaphobes. Exposure to the microscopic bugs is crucial for keeping kids healthy, according to new research in the prestigious journal Science. The study strongly supports a growing body of evidence that you need to put away the disinfectant and expose children to the real world of germs and microbes." 03-12

  4. Pollen Counts Increasing (CNN News)
      " 'CO2 is good for plants and they're making more pollen,' agreed Dr. David Rosenstreich, director of the division of allergy and immunology at Montefiore Medical Center in New York City. In addition, he said, 'Pollen seasons are lengthening a little bit because of global warming.' "

      " If you're taking preventive medications for your allergies, Rosenstreich said that it's important to take them in advance and as directed by your doctor."

      " 'Most allergy medicines work better to prevent allergic symptoms than to treat them when they're in progress,' he explained." 04-09

  5. Survival Strategies for a Brutal Allergies Season (ABC News)
      "Experts are calling this one of the worst allergy seasons on record, with people who never have had problems before reporting itching, coughing and sneezing."

      "About one-third of people with seasonal allergies will aggravate their symptoms if they eat certain foods during the allergy season. These people breathe in the pollen, and then the pollen triggers a cross-reaction with the protein in these foods. Avoid apples, pears, carrots, almonds and hazelnut coffee." 05-06

  6. Vacuum Cleaners - Comparison (
      Compares the strengths and weaknesses of popular vacuum cleaners. 9-03

  7. Vacuum Cleaners - Comparison of Features (
      Compares the strengths and weaknesses of types of canister versus upright vacuum cleaners. 9-03

  8. Vacuum Cleaning Guidelines (
      Suggests frequency of cleaning to reduce allerens for allergy sufferers. 9-03

Purchase Resources
  1. UV Wand (
      "Zadro NANO10 Nano UV Wand is a large area disinfection scanner. Maximum scan area of 13" for faster disinfection of larger areas."

      "The large scanning surface can be used to disinfect spaces in public areas such as hotels, restaurants, public rest rooms, doctors waiting rooms, offices, and nurseries as well as home and personal items such as mattresses, pillows, kitchen countertops, and footwear. Child-resistant lock and 10-second timer switch for safe usage."

      Editor's Note: Never look directly at an ultraviolet light; damage to the eye can occur. 04-09


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