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Divorce and Custody

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  1. Conflict Prevention and Mediation
  1. Canadian Legal Dictionary (
      Provides Canadian definitions or descriptions under Family Law. 02-09

  2. Child Abuse Prevention Network
      Provides a variety of sources of help, including Listervs for ongoing support.

  3. Child Custody Law (LII)
      Provides US and state laws related to child custody. Designed more for attorneys. 10-00

  4. Child Custody and Divorce (Divorce Source, Inc)
      Provides information by topic, such as a law dictionary related to divorce and child custody. Designed for laypersons.

  5. Defining Incest (ABC News)
      "While there is a widespread cultural taboo against incest, there appears to be no modern consensus on whether all such relationships should be banned or how close is too close when it comes to familial relationships. All U.S. states and most countries bar marriages within the nuclear family, but American cultural mores aside, there is far less agreement about half siblings or first cousins." 05-08

  6. Divorce (American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry)
      Provides a factsheet related to divorce and children.

  7. Divorce Dictionary (
      Provides national level definitions or descriptions. 02-09

  8. Divorce and Child Custody (
      Provides information by state. 02-09

  9. Divorce and Revenge (U.S. News)
      "Forgiveness is far easier in the case of betrayal, says McCullough, if the cheating spouse makes a sincere attempt to apologize and displays genuine remorse. When a wronged person feels apologized to, compensated for the injury, and safe, he says, revenge usually becomes beside the point." 07-08

  10. Divorcing Parents - Hints (Wade)
      Provides suggestions on dealing with children.

  11. Find a Divorce Lawyer (
      "Find Divorce lawyers specializing in divorce laws, pre nuptial rights, establishing paternity, mediation, visitation rights, property division, and absolute divorce."

      "Although divorces may be emotionally contentious, most (probably more than 95 percent) do not end up in a contested trial. Usually the parties negotiate and settle such things as division of property, spousal support, and child custody between themselves, often with a lawyer's help. Divorce Lawyers sometimes work with both parties to reach an agreement by mediation, with a trained mediator who tries to help husband and wife identify and accommodate common interests. The lawyer and the two parties then present their negotiated or mediated agreement to a judge. Approval is virtually automatic if the agreement appears to meet a minimal standard of fairness." 05-07

  12. Gore Divorce Touches a Nerve (CNN News)
      "As a family researcher, I understand why the Gore breakup scares people. Divorces after 40 years are rare, but in 2008, of people who reported divorcing recently, one-quarter had been in marriages that had lasted two decades or more. And divorces among couples 55 or older seem to be rising moderately, even as divorce rates in general have fallen from a high of about 23 divorces per 1,000 married couples in 1979 to less than 17 per 1000 in 2005." 05-10

  13. Mediation Services - Maryland (Mediate-net)
  14. Nondivorce (MSN MoneyCentral)
      "Potentially big legal fees, health-insurance needs and the expense of separate households cause some couples to stay under one roof even when their marriages are all but dead." 01-07


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