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  1. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) 6-01
  2. Stock Exchanges (Standard and Poor)
      Provides stock information.

  3. Stock Exchanges - New York (NYSE)
  4. Stock Exchanges - Over the Counter List of Companies (OTC Bulletin Board)
      "There are no minimum quantitative standards which must be met by an issuer for its securities to be quoted on the OTCBB; however, the new Eligibility Rule limits quotations on the OTCBB to the securities of issuers that are current in their reports filed with the SEC or other regulatory authority."

  5. Stock Exchanges - Tokyo Stock Exchange
  6. Stocks - Dow Jones Industrial Average
  7. Stocks Research (Investor Guide)
  1. Personal Finance (Awesome Library)
      Provides online information on personal credit and financial planning.

  2. Stock Commissions Pricer (Lum)
  1. -09-13-07 Tech Stocks for Tough Times (
      "Here are five tech stocks worth a look." 09-07

  2. Stocks - American Stock Exchange (Amex)
      Provides news on the stockmarket and rates for individual stocks.
  1. Alerts for Selected Stocks (Alta Vista)
      Provides alerts to you through a screen on your desktop to alert you when selected stocks reach a threshold price. 11-99

  2. Comprehensive Stock Information and Personal Portfolios (Mindspring)
      Provides information on individual stocks, the stock market, and individualized information. Provides essays to guide investments in stocks.

  3. Researching Companies - Developing a Skeptical Eye (American Association of Individual Investors)
      Provides tips on promotions that should cause skepticism. 6-99

  4. Researching Companies - Helps Identify Stock Scams (Stock Detective)
      Provides news on conflicts of interest and other problems with promoters of stocks. 2-00

  5. Researching Companies - Questions to Ask (SEC)
      Provides sources of information to pursue before investing in a company. 6-99

  6. Researching Companies Online (Yahoo)
      Provides information on companies, including news stories and stock data.

  7. Stock Brokerage Services Online (BrokerLinks)
      Provides information on each service and a "top 5 list" of least expensive.

  1. -12-16-06 Hedge Fund Yields May Dissapoint (
      "Pennsylvania's 200,000 public employees are paying Morgan Stanley some of the money-management industry's steepest fees to get returns that aren't much better than yields on U.S. Treasury bills." 12-06

  2. Analysis of Stocks and Mutual Funds (Briefing.Com)
      Provides high quality analysis of stocks and mutual funds, according to Barron's. Provides three levels of service, including a free introductory service.

  3. Brokerages (E -Trade) 2-00
  4. Brokerages - Ameritrade
  5. Brokerages - Schwab
  6. Investor Tools (
      Provides some tools to help with investments. 04-06

  7. News on Stocks, Bonds, and Funds (Morningstar)
      Provides breaking stories, data, and tools related to investments and investing. This is the Morningstar Home Page. 2-00

  8. Stock Tools (Quicken)
      Generates a mini-profile of stocks of your choosing, based on ticker symbol.

  9. Stock Tools (Stocktools)
      Generates graphs, profiles and other information on selected stocks. Also provides a search engine for finding the symbols for stocks.


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