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Consumer Information

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  1. Consumer Product Safety Commission
  2. Money (U.S. Consumer Information Center))
      Provides a long list of articles to assist the the individual in planning and avoiding dangers related to money.

  1. Consumer Information and Feedback (
      Provides information on consumer services and products. Also allows an opportunity to comment about controversies. 10-00

  2. Consumer Product Evaluations (Consumer Reports)
      Provides free articles for a limited number of products and services. 6-00

  3. Consumer Product Guides (Mercata)
      Provides guides for the purchase of key household items. 7-00

  4. Consumer Purchases Online - Vendors Rated (
      Provides ratings for businesses that provide online sales. 6-00

  5. Consumer Satisfaction (Consumer Affairs)
      Posts compliments and complaints on services of vendors and retail outlets.

  6. Safety for Consumers

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