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  1. -Dictionary for Students (Merriam-Webster) star
      Provides the definitions and pronunciation of words entered into the search blank.

  2. Alphabet - Picture Dictionary (Enchanted Learning Software)
  3. American Sign Language (ASL) (Master's Tech)
      Provides graphics and descriptions of how to sign hundreds of commonly used words, listed in alphabetic order. Also includes an alphabet and numbers 1-02

  4. Biology - Dictionary of Cell Biology (Virtual Library of Biochemistry and Cell Biology - Fenteany)
      Provides explanations of basic cell structure and activity at an advanced high school or beginning college level. 2-01

  5. Computer - Kids' Dictionary of Computer Words
      Provides definitions for older children but the graphics are for very young children.

  6. Dictionary (OneLook Dictionaries)
  7. Dictionary and Thesaurus (Merriam-Webster)
      Provides definitions and pronunciation of words entered into the dictionary search blank. Provides synonyms for words placed in the thesaurus blank.

  8. Dictionary of Terms
  9. Language Dictionaries (Awesome Library)
      Provides dictionaries for some the the more commonly used languages.

  1. Job Titles and Descriptions (O-Net)
      Provides a comprehensive directory of occupations. Describes the skills, abilities, and experience needed for each position, as well as providing examples. (Please Note - These are descriptions of occupations, not listings of jobs available from specific employers.) The primary purpose of the directory is to help a person determine a field to enter as an occupation. 6-03


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