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Phone Directories

  1. -Area Codes and Phone Numbers ( star
      Provides area code when you provide the city and state. Once you have the Area Code, you can choose white or yellow pages. You can supply the name or business and get the phone number or you can supply the phone number and get the name and address. Uses BigBook, Switchboard, and other services as needed at each step, making it a "one-stop" source of information. 1-01

  2. -Area Codes and Phone Numbers ( star
      Provides location for area codes, in numerical sequence. 10-06

  3. -Dial "Information" and Get Numbers Automatically by Voice--For Free ( star
      Dial 1-800-GOOG-411 from any phone to be connected to any phone number in the U.S. for free.

  4. 1-800 Numbers (
      Provides toll-free numbers. 2-02

  5. Business Search (Switchboard)
      Provides addresses and phone numbers. 10-09

  6. E-mail addresses (Yahoo) 2-00
  7. European Business
  8. Government - Health and Human Services (HHS) Employee Directory
      Provides phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses of key federal employees.

  9. Phone Rates Comparison ( Employee Directory
      Provides phone rates by state and company. 8-05

  10. Reverse Phone Directory ( Employee Directory
      Provides name and address when given the phone number. Provides phone number when given the address. 8-05

  11. USA (Big Book)
      Provides phone numbers. 10-09

  12. USA (
      Provides the phone numbers. 10-09

  13. USA (
      Provides the phone numbers. 10-09

  14. World (Search the World Wide Yellow Pages)
      Provides a "yellow book."

  1. International Calls - Calling Codes (American Computer Resources)
      Give phone codes for each country. "To place a call out of the U.S. dial: "011 - country code - city code - number". To reach the AT&T International Operator, dial "00". If you are calling to a country with an 809 or 808 country code, do not need to dial 011, but you do need to dial 1." 9-03

  2. Phone Rates for Long Distance (Cognigen Networks)
      Provides a comparison of long distance and toll free phone rates from different companies and for different plans that apply to a phone number you provide. 8-01


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