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Mail Services

  1. Electronic Cards
  2. FedEx Tracking Packages
  3. Postal Rates Go Up on January 27th, 2013 (
      "The Postal Regulatory Commission has approved a 1-cent increase, effective Jan. 27, for mailing first-class letters on Friday, the Associated Press reported." 11-12

  4. UPS Tracking Packages
  5. US Postal Service - Express Mail Tracking Packages (US Postal Service)
      Provides tracking information on Express Mail letters or packages. You may also call 1-800-222-1811 to gain information about an Express Mail letter or package.

  6. US Postal Service
      Provides postal services.

  1. -United States Postal Service star
      Provides a variety of information, including postal rates, tracking service, images of stamps, location of post offices, ZIP codes, address changes, and postage calculator.9-05

  2. Airborne Express Tracking Packages
  3. DHL Tracking Packages
  4. Express Mail (US Postal Service) Tracking Packages
  5. ZIP Codes (US Postal Service) 8-04
  6. Zip Plus 4 Code Lookup (USPS)
      Provides the four digit code that follows the five digit code that is more commonly available.


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