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Heroes and Heroism

Lesson Plans
  1. Comparing and Contrasting Heroes (
      The purpose of this lesson is: "To identify qualities and characteristics that go into making someone a hero and the values and choices common to all heroes." 7-05

  2. Heroes and Heroism (Ima Hero)
      Provides 8 lesson plans exploring heroism. 8-01

  3. Lessons on Heroes (
      Provides over a dozen lessons. Includes: What is a Hero? Who are Heroes? and Heroic Actions. 7-05

  4. Reading My Hero Stories (
      Includes pre-reading and post-reading activities. 7-05

  5. Using My Hero to Promote Peacemaking (
      "The primary goal of this lesson is to help students learn how to become involved in peace missions and translate this awareness into action. By identifying peacemaker heroes and participating in an activity that promotes peace in their community, students will learn that they, too, can impact the world and make a difference." 7-05


Hot Topics: American Flag, Current Events, Politics,
Education, Directories, Multicultural, Middle East Conflict,
Child Heroes, Sustainable Development, Climate Change.
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