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Current Events

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  1. Current Events
Lesson Plans
  1. Analysis of Presidential Debates (
      "Explain to your students that often viewers react to a candidate's performance-- how they look and act instead of what they say. This activity is designed to help them focus on what the candidates say and then look at how the media covers the debate and the consequent effect on public opinion." 09-08

  2. Current Events (Education World - Hopkins)
      Provides twenty-five suggestions for engaging students in current events. 8-99

  3. Current Events - Comparison of Countries for Current Events Discussions (Education World)
      "Students collect political, socioeconomic, geographical, and other data about 10 countries and record their data in a spreadsheet. The information is used to fuel current events discussions." 03-19

  4. Current Events - Propaganda Sources (Donn)
      Provides three dozen sources of lessons on propaganda, media, and public opinion. Helps students look for hidden messages. 04-11

  5. Current Events - Teaching via TV and Newspapers (
      Provides a variety of sources of lessons on current events.

  6. Current Events with the New York Times (New York Times)
      Lesson plans on current events. 04-12

  7. Nuclear Standoff With Iran (
      "This lesson summarizes international concern over Iran's nuclear program and the mounting suspicions that Iran is developing nuclear weapons. Students examine concerns about Iran's past and most recent actions and a gain a perspective on Iran's reasons for developing a nuclear program. Then as students work in small groups role playing one of the countries involved in the dispute, they examine several possible options for addressing Iran's actions and develop a policy for consideration by the U.N. Security Council." 03-06


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