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  1. Multidisciplinary in Social Studies
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Lesson Plans
  1. -Problem Solving (Awesome Library)
      Related projects, activities, and resources are in "Problem Solving" under "Science."

  2. Coins (US Mint)
      This website is for kids K-8. It is a collaborative educational environment using coins as tools to teach American History, Math, and Language Arts.

  3. Critical Thinking Strategies (Center for Critical Thinking)
      Contains a description of dimensions of critical thinking.

  4. Games - Educational Card Games (San Diego State University - Ed Tech)
      Cardboard Cognition's games provide dozens of problem solving games, organized in lesson plan format.

  5. Global Connections (American Forum for Global Education)
      Provides lessons that show interconnections globally. 9-99

  6. Interdisciplinary Lessons (Hurley, Selby, Cross and Cassutto) 11-00
  7. Mt. Everest Math (Touchstone Energy -
      Provides thematic math lessons related to climbing Mount Everest. Also has other lessons related to the same theme.

  8. Multidisicplinary Lessons - By 10 Big Ideas (Michigan State University and Ameritech)
      Provides lessons according to "10 Big Ideas."

  9. Pollution and Health Thematic Activities (NIEHS)
  10. Problem Solving - Science Mysteries (Access Excellence)
      Provides 8 classroom tested mysteries in Science for students to solve.

  11. Sources of K-6 Thematic Lesson Plans ( - Lewis)
      Provides carefully selected sources of lessons. 3-01

  12. Thematic Lessons (A to Z Teacher Stuff)
      Provides links to thematic lessons or activities in over a dozen topics. The first section, Professional Resources, links to and does not contain free online materials. 6-99

  13. Thematic Lessons (Houghton Mifflin)
      Provides over two dozen lessons.

  14. Thematic Lessons - Kindergarten Level (Anderson, Hopkins, Short, Steele)
      Provides many lessons to improve self understanding. Standards based. 9-99


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