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  1. Biology
Lesson Plans
  1. Basic Biology Lessons (Fisher et. al.)
      Provides eight sets of lessons on the basics of biology and chemistry, such as osmosis, mitosis, the properties of water, and more. 5-01

  2. Biology (Access Excellence)
      Provides lesson plans in a variety of areas from the cellular level on up to how bodies function.

  3. Biology Lessons (
      "The Biology Corner is a resource site for biology and science teachers. The Lesson Plans section contains classroom activities, labs and worksheets, feel free to change any of these to suit your own classroom needs. The Webquest section contains inquiry based projects that utilize the internet. Internet lessons (also called miniquests) are smaller activities that use one or two science related web sites for the students to explore and answer questions about. Again, feel free to modify these activities so that they work for your class and your style of teaching."

  4. Biology Lessons (
      Provides lesson plans in: Anatomy, Ecology, Science Graphic Organizers Set, Arbor Day Trees, Evolution, Science Literacy Workbook, Biochemistry, Farm, Science Literacy Workbook 2, Botany, Genetics, Scientific Method Workbook, Cell Biology, Insects, Cyber-Starters, Trees Workbook, Cellular Biology Workbook, Rainforest, and Zoology

  5. Biology Lessons (TeachNet)
      Provides over a dozen lessons.

  6. Biology Lessons by Level and Topic (
      Provides lesson plans by elementary, middle, and high school levels, as well as by topic.

  7. Biology Lessons by Topic (
      "Lesson plans and student activities for elementary through high school teachers and educators."

  8. Biology Lessons by Topic (
      Provides over 100 lessons by topic.

  9. Cells - Grades 1 - 6 on Molecules and Cells (San Diego State University)
      Provides 6 elementary school level lessons on molecules and cells.

  10. Farm Animal Babies Grade K - 2 (Houghton-Mifflin)
  11. Genetics Lessons (University of Kansas Medical Center)
      Provides lessons related to genetics and ethics related to biotechnology.

  12. Molecules and Cells (Fisher et. al.)
      Provides lessons on the basics of molecules and cells, such as bonding. 5-01

  13. Space - Experiments in Space (NASA - NeurOn)
      Provides lesson plans and resources for lesson plans for virtual experiments to be conducted in parallel with the astronauts. Allows students to participate in the experiments by sending results to NASA for comparison of results. NASA even provides a kit for teachers to use.

  14. Spider Lesson Plans (SEDL)
  1. Biology Lessons (
      Provides lessons. 04-10

  1. Teaching Science to Non-Majors (
      "Some of the most interesting biology teaching is going on in classes for students who do not intend to major in biology. With coverage of prescribed subject material generally less of a concern than in majors' courses, faculty members are free to experiment with teaching styles and curricula that build on the specific interests of students and teachers. In the process, they are demonstrating approaches to teaching and learning that can improve any class."


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