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  1. Assessment Information, including Standards
Lesson Plans
  1. By Key Words (Awesome Library)
      Searchable by keywords. Be sure to include the word "lesson." For example, a search for a lesson on earthquakes would be "earthquakes lesson." To receive only lessons that are Star Rated in a subject, add the word "star3.gif." For example, social studies lessons with a Star Rating would be "social studies star3.gif."

  2. Courses by Harvard, MIT, and Other Top Universities (
      Provides free courses.

  3. Drills and Games (Infobahn Xpress)
      Provides less than a dozen interactive drills and games to teach skills and improve knowledge in basic subjects. The drills and games are well constructed and designed to maintain the interest of elementary level children.

  4. Grade -K - 2 Animated Lessons (Room 108 - Rickey)
      Provides a variety of animated lessons in math, spelling, daily life and more. See the lesson on tying shoes for a sample. Since the materials are animated, they will take a little longer to start.

  5. Grade 1 - Curriculum Guides - South Africa (Siyafunda Sunday Times)
      Provides a teacher's guide and pupil's workbooks.

  6. Lesson Plan Template (Cassutto)
      Provides a template for writing lesson plans.

  7. Lesson Plans - Teacher's Edition Online
  8. Lesson Plans With Identifying Grade and Subject (Ashland)
      Provides over 50 "Award Winning Teacher Achievement Lesson Plans." Each entry contains a grade level, subject, and title.

  9. Lesson Plans and Papers (Rivendell)
      Provides well organized and somewhat comprehensive resources.

  10. Lessons in Core Subjects (TeachNet)
      Provides well displayed lessons in each subject. 10-09

  1. Sources of K-6 Lesson Plans ( - Lewis)
      Provides lessons by carefully selected sources. 3-01

  2. Sources of K-6 Lesson Plans - By Subject ( - Lewis)
      Provides lessons by carefully selected sources by subject. 3-01

  1. Writing Lesson Plans (Adprima - Kizlik)
      Provides recommendations on writing lessons plans, including mistakes to avoid.


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