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  1. -Aid in Haiti: One Who Is Making a Difference (MSNBC News)
      Follows Allen Arman, a man who went to Haiti with a backpack and a blackberry to help. 01-10

  2. Somos El Mundo Por Haiti (We Are the World for Haiti ) (
      Sung by some of the most popular Hispanic or Latin singers of 2010. 03-10

  3. The Myth About Dead Bodies (CBS News)
      "The myth of dead bodies is that they present a communicable disease hazard. The rush to dispose of dead bodies in a mass grave is a regrettable one, says the International Rescue Committee's Gerald Martone." 02-10

  1. -Haiti: 150,000 Bodies Recovered So Far (MSNBC News)
      "The confirmed death toll from Haiti's devastating earthquake has topped 150,000 in the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area alone, the communications minister said Sunday, with many more thousands dead around the country or still buried under the rubble." 01-10

  2. -Haiti: Desperate Need for Infrastructure (CBS News)
      "To see crowds growing and pushing outside the U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince, you'd think the biggest job for America's military and diplomats is handling the tears and tempers of people desperate to get to U.S. shores, reports CBS News correspondent Bill Whitaker. But their biggest concern is getting this country, knocked to its knees, back on its feet. The first order of business is infrastructure repair."

      "Top five is the port, the airfield, the electrical grid, the road system and the water system," said Col. Rick Kaiser with the Army Corp of Engineers." 01-10

  1. -Aid in Haiti Elusive (MSNBC News)
      "The world still can't get enough food and water to the hungry and thirsty one week after an earthquake shattered Haiti's capital. The airport remains a bottleneck, the port is a shambles. The Haitian government is invisible, nobody has taken firm charge, and the police have largely given up." 01-10

  2. -Haiti Updates (CNN News)
      Provides ongoing information and news about the situation in Haiti after the earthquake. 02-10

  3. -Young Boy Raises $220,000 for Haiti (CNN News)
      "He's no Wyclef Jean or George Clooney, but that hasn't stopped the British 7-year-old from raising more than 136,000 ($220,000) for victims of the Haiti earthquake."

      "Simpson, who's from Fulham, West London, started out hoping to raise just 500 -- around $800 -- for UNICEF's earthquake appeal by cycling five miles around a local park." 01-10

  4. Chaos Eases in Haiti (New York Times)
      "Four days into a new food distribution program from the United Nations that aims to repair a faltering aid effort, paper coupons that can be redeemed for 55 pounds of rice have become more valuable than Haitian money." 01-10

  5. Commercial Flights to Haiti to Resume (CNN News)
      "American Airlines announced Tuesday it will resume commercial flights into Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on Friday, making it the first airline to do so."

      "Commercial flights ended on January 12, when a 7.0-magnitude earthquake killed more than 200,000 people and damaged many of the country's buildings, including some at Toussaint Louverture International Airport, in the capital." 03-10

  6. Haiti's Capital Becoming a Cashless City (
      "The realities of the Port-au-Prince economy are brutally simple: Hundreds of thousands of workers have had no wages for weeks. The banks are mostly closed. The wire transfer businesses can't give Haitians money wired in from abroad fast enough." 01-10

  7. Haiti's History of Misery (
      "Christopher Columbus sights Haiti in 1492. After the Island becomes a Spanish Colony, disease and harsh working conditions devastate the indigenous population." 01-10

  8. Haiti: A Nation of Amputees (
      "It looks even harder after the earthquake, given the overwhelming demand for artificial limbs: of the 250,000 people injured, doctors estimate as many as 100,000 are amputees. And that doesn't count the victims who will probably need limbs amputated down the line because of wound infections."

      "(To get a sense of scale: the years of the war in Afghanistan and Iraq have, so far, produced just about 1,000 amputees among U.S. military personnel.)" 02-10

  9. Valentin, Abe: Fisherman (
      "TIME 100 honoree Valentin Abe directs a fish farming project in Haiti that serves as a model for development in the quake-ravaged country." 05-10

  10. Aristide, Jean-Bertrand (BBC News)
      Provides a profile by BBC News. 2-04

  11. Haiti (
      Provides information on the history, culture, people, geography, and a map.


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