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  1. -02-25-03 North Korea Warns Citizens of U.S. Attack (CNN)
      "North Korea has repeated warnings to its citizens and military that it believes the United States is preparing to launch a large-scale attack on it, including a pre-emptive nuclear strike."

      "The United States denies it has any plans to attack North Korea, consistently saying it is seeking a diplomatic and political solution to the increasing tensions sparked by Pyongyang's decision to reactivate its nuclear program." 2-03

  2. -02-28-03 North Korea Going Nuclear (CBS News)
      "South Korea confirmed Friday that North Korea has restarted a small reactor that could produce plutonium for atomic weapons. " 2-03

  3. 07-06-03 North Korea Going Nuclear (Washington Times)
      "The CIA has revised an earlier intelligence estimate and now believes North Korea has begun reprocessing spent nuclear-fuel rods into plutonium for weapons, U.S. officials said.

      Reprocessing the 8,000 stored nuclear fuel rods would be a key indicator that Pyongyang has abandoned past commitments to freeze its nuclear-arms program." 7-03

  4. 07-17-03 China Calls on N. Korea and U.S. to Honor Agreement (Bloomberg)
      "China's government called on the U.S. and North Korea to return to a 1994 agreement in order to defuse a dispute about North Korea's nuclear weapons development program." 7-03

  5. 08-26-03 Who Wants What (BBC News)
      "Representatives from six countries are meeting in Beijing for talks aimed at breaking the 10-month impasse over North Korea's nuclear weapons programmes." 8-03

  6. 1-7-03 Timeline on USA - North Korean Tensions (BBC News)
      Provides a timeline, starting with early October of 2002 regarding the tensions between the USA and North Korea. 1-03


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